Hardcore Croquet is back, and live from the great state of Vermont, in 2014! Tournaments and information coming soon!

Click HERE for prior results of HARDCORE CROQUET TOURNAMENTS, back in 2000!


Ok, so what is HARDCORE CROQUET? It's the great game of Croquet without the stuffy British rules! If you have a Croquet set, and a decent size yard, follow THESE rules for HARDCORE CROQUET!


1.00 Match Preliminaries (see below)
2.00 General Playing Rules
3.00 Challenge Series
4.00 Tournaments
5.00 Terms
6.00 Official Scoring
Frazier Fairgrounds Map
Past Tournament Results

1.00 Match Preliminaries

1.01 The host sets up the 1st course. The defending winner in a challenge series will go first. If it is a new challenge series, a coin flip will determine the starter.

1.02 If played at a neutral site, the owner of the equipment will set up the first course.

1.03 The host must provide refreshment, snacks and a bathroom.

1.04 If played at a neutral site, players must fend for themselves.

1.05 Challenge matches and Tournaments will be played to a conclusion. No stopping because of weather or injury. Time limits may be set, but must be announced at the beginning of the competition. A match or tournament suspended due to time limit will be continued at the same location on ASAP. One full game(forward and backward) must be complete before play is stopped.

1.06 Though some extreme croquet clubs condone cheating, this is one area that will lead to a hardcore ass kickn' if caught during our matches. If you get away with cheating during our little game, you'll have to answer to a higher referee when you unfortunately die, due to a slow, debilitating, crippling disease which you will be infected with.

1.07 Any situation not covered in these rules will be voted on by the players, if no conclusion can be found, a fistfight will decide the outcome.

If you follow these rules, you will eat up a chunk of your summer. GO PLAY NOW!