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Reprint and digital file May 12, 2000.


This document is scanned from an original copy of the American Education Society’s Quarterly Register, which served as a digest of the diverse facets in American Education and its outflowing effects worldwide. The society was comprised of leading Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and Princeton Alumni, and served to promote the work both in the U.S. and abroad for educating the people in the Reformation’s worldview of the Bible serving as the only infallible rule of life, which, of course, was the purpose for which these schools were founded.

We have included the Title page, which is descriptive of the original source. The heading includes the year in brackets [ex.1832.] and the page of the original selection featured below.

Featured subject in this document : Concerts of Prayer, directed at concerns of national and international importance, Jerusalem in particular.

Rev. Joseph Emerson, (b. 1777, d. 1833)

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THE following is an extract taken from the valuable Memoir of the late Rev. Joseph Emerson, prepared by his brother, Rev. Ralph Emerson, D. D., Professor at the Theological Seminary, Andover. It is most devoutly to be wished that Christians would read it, and conform to this plan of Daily Concert.


"Pray without ceasing." " Thy kingdom come."

SABBATH,—Sabbath duties and privileges, as preaching, Sabbath school family instruction, etc. etc. 2 Thess. iii. 1.

MONDAY,—Conversion of the world ;—Foreign missions, the destruction of Antichrist, the downfall of idolatry, and all false religion and the universal prevalence of peace, knowledge, freedom, and salvation. Bible, missionary, and tract societies, the cause of seamen, etc.


TUESDAY’,—’The ministers of the gospel, and all who are preparing to be come such; and likewise societies for the education of pious young men for the ministry.

1 Thess. v.: Luke x. 2.

WEDNESDAY,—The rising generation,—colleges, seminaries and schools of every description; the children of the church, the children of the ungodly, and orphan children.

Isa. xliv. 8.

THURSDAY,—Professing Christians,—that they may much more abound in all the fruits of the Spirit, presenting their bodies a living sacrifice, and offering gladly of their substance to the Lord, to the extent of his requirement,—that afflicted saints may be comforted, backsliders reclaimed, and hypocrites converted,— that Zion, being purified, may arise and shine.

Isa. lxii. 1.

FRIDAY,—Our country,—our rulers, our free institutions, our benevolent societies ; forgiveness of national sins; deliverance from slavery, Romanism, infidelity, Sabbath-breaking, intemperance, profanity, etc.

Dan. ix, 19: Ps. lxvii. 1,2.

SATURDAY,—The Jews. Isa. liv. 8: Ezek xxxvi. 27. Also our friends.


The attention of all who love our Lord Jesus Christ, is earnestly solicited to the plan here presented. May it not be hoped, that every one into whose hands it may come, wilt at least give it a hearty trial? Will the Redeemer’s kingdom ever come, until his people, with humble, fervent, and united supplications, prostrate their souls before the eternal throne ? Why lingers the work of salvation so long? Why do such numbers perish from among ourselves? and why do the heathen continue to go down to ruin, in countless multitudes? Alas! PRAYER IS WANTING ;—humble, believing, persevering prayer. This is the means which secures efficacy to all other means—the mighty power to set every wheel in motion.

The Lord has promised, that his glory shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together. beloved Christian friends, do we desire to see this glory? Then let agonizing supplications ascend for the upbuilding of Zion. (Ps. cii. 16.) Let our whole souls be engaged in the work. Cherishing the deepest sense of our weakness and entire dependence, let us humbly plead with God, remembering and believing, that " he will regard the prayer of the destitute, and not despise their prayer." Do we desire our Own prosperity ? It is written, " Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. They shalt prosper that love thee."

With regard to the selection of subjects, the propriety of assigning the duties and privileges of the Sabbath to that day, will be obvious to all. How would the hands and the hearts of all spiritual teachers, thus be strengthened! The subject for Monday was selected on account of its coincidence with the monthly concert ;—that for Saturday, because it is the Jewish Sabbath, the day when they still assemble to worship, to read the law and the prophets, and to bewail their desolations ;—.and that for Tuesday, because the American Education Society have established a monthly concert of prayer, to be observed by their beneficiaries this day, and some ecclesiastical and ministerial bodies have recommended this concert to the churches. There is no reason for the assignment of the three remaining subjects to their particular days. They should, however, hold a prominent place in our supplications. The present situation of "our country" loudly calls for humiliation and prayer. The "rising generation" is a subject interesting to parents, teachers, and indeed to almost every one in the community. "Christians" must awake to their duties and their responsibilities, or the world can never be evangelized; and that this may be effected, the " pastors," the "watchmen," must be endowed with power from on high.

The three subjects last mentioned, are rendered more interesting by their connexion with our Saviour’s injunction, "Pray ye, therefore, the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into the harvest." A great multitude of our youth must be excited to hear the voice of the Lord, saying, "whom shall I send, and who will go for us?" And the churches must be aroused to qualify and employ them. Prayer with corresponding effort will accomplish all this.