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The latest litter of 2 from Valentines day! A Silver Patched Tabby female and a Cameo male.

Boy.... it's tough being a Cameo.... My sister is already spoken for and I'm still looking for a home.


I'm only three weeks old and this time I really got myself in a bit of trouble. How do I get out of this dish? It's so very tall and smooth.

Ahh....much better to be out of that. I'm Major's daughter and I have a lot of growing up to do before I try climbing into that thing again! I did think that I was the youngest around here but I guess not!

It's just a little crowded in here to stretch out!

However, we do grow up fast! We are close to adoption age!

Yes, we are the new girls at Pilgrim Paws!

Oops! It must be Halloween around here!

Thats OK. I'm not afraid of anything.

So what are you looking at?

See? I told you it was a good idea to let the 3 girls pose together. Leaves more room for us!

Why always the stupid hat?

Wow! It looks like he got out of this stupid sleigh.

So this is a bath? Just because I went surfing in my food they create all this fuss. They surf the Web all the time!

So what if I'm a Blue Silver Patched Tabby and your only a plain Brown. Yours is easier to say. I can wear the Xmas hat with no problems but your too small for it!

I'M Pilgrim Paws Mohawk. Majorette is my mom and I will be seeing you very soon when I grow up a little bit.


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This Page updated April 4, 2001