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Hey I am Brad Crocker, not Teemu Selanne. I am just an fan of Teemu Selanne. I have received mails thinking I am actually Teemu Selanne, especially after the trade. Thanks.

Sorry I haven't updated this page for long time. But I was amazing when Selanne got traded to San Jose, a playoff bounded team. I am so sick of the management of the Mighty Ducks for the last few years but I remained loyal to the team. And I am soooo glad cuz now Teemu is on a team which he does deserve to play for which have an excellent potential of a long playoff run this season. I can't wait to see Selanne in action sporting teal and silver! =)

Selanne in Sharks' action

March 17, 2001 #1
March 17, 2001 #2
March 22, 2001
March 26, 2001

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Selanne's 2000-01 Photos
Photos are from CBS
October 10, 2000 #1
October 10, 2000 #2
October 17, 2000
October 30, 2000
November 5, 2000

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Last updated: March 29, 2001
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