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"Sometimes Teemu couldn't even break a pane of glass with shots that he scores on."
Guy Hebert, Mighty Ducks' goalie

"You never know what he's going to do,"
Dominic Roussel
"He never does the same thing. For a goalie, he's so difficult to read. And when he's going 100 miles per hour, he can still do all his moves."

"Teemu is a gifted scorer,"
Craig Hartsburg, Ducks' coach
"You can't teach what Teemu does. Teemu probably couldn't teach anybody else how to do it. It just happens."

"Teemu is so patient with the puck,"
Guy Hebert
"He doesn't try to kill you with a blazing shot. Teemu has a hard shot if he needs it."

"Paul like to blast it past you more. Teemu is more sneaky"

"Teemu doesn't need to have the puck all day to be effective. He can touch it three times and have a hat trick."
Paul Kariya

"I've used the same model the last 15 years,"
Teemu Selanne
"I have tried different sticks. Those graphite ones, I was kind of hoping I would get used to them because the sticks are all the same. When you're using the wood sticks, they are always going to be different because the wood is different."

"I am pretty easy with my sticks and can't really break those sticks,"
"When I find a good one, I play with it as long as I can. I think I used one stick for nine games last year."

"I didn't sleep the night before, knowing we were going to make the deal."
John Paddock, Winnipeg GM at the time when Selanne was dealt to Anaheim in 1996

"Try as he might, Teemu Selanne is destined to remain a nice kid in a superstar's body - a superstar with a child's wonderment for the game, for play, for everything."
Greg Christensen, writer of NHLPA

"There's no evil side to him,"
Paul Kariya on Selanne
"No Darth Vader."

"He's a unique guy,"
Craig Hartsburg, Ducks' coach on Selanne
"He loves being around the guys and he loves playing That combination is hard to find."

"He doesn't put himself ahead of anybody on the team,"
Kariya on Selanne
"He gets along with the 24th man on our roster and with our coaches. He gets along with everybody and that's important."

"You have to be good to other people,"
Teemu Selanne referring his loyality to fans and media
"You can't be too cocky."

"He never gets down,"
Kariya on Selanne
"He always has something to be happy about."

"Honestly, I hope he gets 93 goals. It would be good for hockey. It's not going to tarnish my career or change my life if a guy like Teemu breaks my record. If he gets 70 goals in 60 games, which he could do - he's that good - I'd be the first guy cheering for him."
Gretzky on Selanne

"When I was younger, the NHL was just a dream because I did not know how much of a sacrifice it took to make it to this level. But when I was 18 or 19, I started having more success and then my goal was to play in the NHL."
Teemu Selanne

“I’ve always liked speed. Speed has always been something really, really big for me.”
Teemu Selanne on ‘BE A PLAYER! THE HOCKEY SHOW’, March 15, 1999

“It was my first trade. It was tough,”
Teemu Selanne on ‘BE A PLAYER! THE HOCKEY SHOW’, March 15, 1999 on his trade from Winnipeg to Anaheim
“The new owners told me that they’re not going to trade me, I’m going to be a big part of the future down in Phoenix. They said that only two weeks before I got traded. My wife was nine months pregnant at the time so it was tough.”

“I knew right away that it was going to be good for my hockey career and I knew that I would have the opportunity to play with Paul (Kariya). I was pretty excited.”
Teemu Selanne referring Paul Kariya when Teemu got traded from Winnipeg to Anaheim.

“I met him actually only two weeks before I got traded while in Boston at the All-Star Game,”
Selanne recalled of his first meeting with Kariya.
“I was talking to him a lot there and we hung around a little bit together. We had a good time there (All-Star Game). When I got traded, I knew it was going to be good for me.”

"It's scary (not to have a 50-goal scorer in the NHL)"
Teemu Selanne, Hockey News; April 9, 1999
"But it's how the game is right now."

"Well, I never met him, but I've seen him play a few times. He must be a pretty good player to get 47 goals."
Maurice "The Rocket" Richard on Selanne; Hockey News, May 7, 1999

"If you get hurt a little, it's going to really, really affect you."
Teemu Selanne; Hockey News, May 7, 1999
"Especially with this kind of hockey. There's not going to be so many 50-goal-scorers. I think it's even bigger challenge to get 50 than ever before."

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