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Chrono Trigger Online!

Welcome to one of the ultimate Chrono Trigger sites on the net. Here you will find everything you ever wanted to know about the game including things like character bios, the storyline, game help, clubs, and more. Yes, by the way, this site is still active, but I update very infrequently due to being a full time university student with a job.

Great news for Chrono Trigger fans everywhere. A Chrono Trigger game for Nintendo DS is in the works. Check out the site, which is in Japanese incidently, here. Get excited CT fans, as soon as I know more, I will post it!

By the way, I am still looking for fanart and fanfiction for this site so feel free to submit your work.

This page is always under construction and expansion. I am sorry that I have been quite busy lately and have had few time to work on any of my sites. Hopefully, I will stop being so inactive, but I have quite the course load this year so your patience is appreciated. Any comments or suggestions, as I welcome feedback, please email me or post in my guestbook. You can also take the New Sections Poll, to add your imput as to what should be on my site. I hope that you enjoy your visit on Chrono Trigger Online!

Chrono Trigger Online! is now a part of the RPG Online Network! Click here to go to RPGON!'s Home Page.

Chrono Trigger is copyright 1995 by Squaresoft. Chrono Trigger Online! is simply a non-profit fan site and had no hand in making this wonderful game. All pictures on this site are from various sources, all of which, have links to my page. You may use my pictures for your own site, but the text is mine, and took a lot of work to write, so don't copy or take it. Screenshots were taken by me, curtesy of the ZSNES emulator. These are the only pictures that didn't come from other sites. Even though these are technically mine, you may borrow them, simply give credit where it is due.

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