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Starburst USA National

("Semi-Glitz Competition)

***Make A Wish...Take A Chance...And Watch Your Dreams Come True!***

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"Tentative date--October 26-28, 2001"

                 Ft Worth Holiday Inn North

2540 Meachan Blvd.

Ft. Worth, Texas


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July 4th Special National Prices:

One National...........$275--Supreme

Two Nationals............$500--Supreme

No discounts, coupons will be allowed with this offer!

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Supreme Crown

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Would you like to win  this Beautiful Crown ?

*5 Supreme Titles--$$$ Savings Bonds

*11 Divisional Titles--$$$ Savings Bonds

*7 Optional Titles--$$ Savings Bonds

*No Double Crowning

*Collage International Pictures

*DJ & Karoyoke At Masquerade Ball

*Dance With The Prince

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Follow the Links below to enter the world of Dreams...

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crownroses.gif (5671 bytes)Dare To Dream....

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