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Ascension Review - Red - Rand, the Most Sednezer'd

The review of Ascension continues...


Ascension Review - Blue - Rand, the Most Sednezer'd

Since Iíve been a bit lax recently, Iím going to take the time for this article and review the entirety of AS blue. I think Iíll even rate on a 1-5 scale, just because I can.


History of the Wrold (Ascension Backstory Pt III) - Rand, the Most Sednezer'd

I like telling stories, and I have fun ideas for them. This is a story I sincerely want to tell. Doesn't mean I started out any good at it!


History of the World (Ascension Backstory Pt II) - Rand, the Most Sednezer'd

Last time, we left off with a story lacking in the blue category. So, what is blue in Ascension? Well, if you've read it the answer should be apparent...


Errata Explained - Rand, the Most Sednezer'd

We have a Watch List for a reason: some cards just turn out ridiculously broken. Unlike WotC, we don't have time to playtest sets for a year, and even they miss a few things. And while we at HGML cultivate a more powerful environment, certain cards become just too abusive.

Ascension White (continued) - Rand, the Most Sednezer'd

Last week, I reviewed the first half of Ascension white - this week I finish the color off.


Acension Review Part I - Rand, the Most Sednezerd

I'll review cards every way I know how - power level, storyline relevance, development tidbits, and how they make me feel. If you are unfamiliar with the cards, please open up a spoiler and have it handy, because I'm not about to retype all the cards as well.


Ascension (The Story Behind the Story) - Rand, the Most Sednezerd

It all started...well, I don't quite remember when, but right after I had joined the fledgling HGML. Jazzfan, the group's founder was still in charge, and had already found out what most group leaders since him have since discovered - it's a lot of work.