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Boyds Bearstones Secondary Marketplace

"We Deal In Quality & Trust!"

The Bear is our NEW real home.
It is the most extensive site ever on Boyds BearstonesTM!
The Bear Features:
A Complete Reference/Value Guide for BearstonesTM,
with images and secondary market included.
A Learning Center For BearstonesTM called BearstoneTM Basics
Free Classifieds For All Collectibles -- 32 Categories!
A Members Area with Free Drawings, Free Newsletter,
Member Only Specials, Special Announcements
and QVCTM Boyds® Show News.

We also have a Retailer Directory, Bear Care, How To Sell,
Secure Server............everything!

We have preserved this site because it is where we began!
On this site you will find some of the listings that we have for
sale and appropriate links to information and other resources.
Please, bookmark this site for reference for a quick list.
And now, take a look at

Bearstones For Sale

Item Is On Special
Item Newly Acquired
Item Is A Premier Edition or 1E
N/A - Item Not Available


#2000 Bailey bear w/suitcase (smooth)-1E/1E*
#2000 Bailey bear w/suitcase-5E/9E/13E/15*/16E*/23E
#2001 No Patch Simone de Bearvoire & her mom-4E
#2001 Simone de Bearvoire & her mom-7E/27E
#2002 Neville the bedtime bear-4E/5E/6E
#2003-03 Arthur w/red scarf-3E
#2003-08 Grenville w/red scarf-5E/7E/8E
#2003-08RSGrenville w/red scarf-15E
#2004 Victoria the Lady-38E
#2010 Byron & Chedda w/catmint (Patches)-3E/8E
#2011 Daphne Hare & Maisey Ewe-10E/11E/15E
#2012 Christian by the sea-Blank/2E*/5E/18E/30E
#2014 Bailey's Birthday-6E/11E/50E/55E
#2015 Justina & M. Harrison...sweetie pie-4E/48E
#2016 Grenville & friends-43E
#2017 Bailey & Wixie-4E/9E/11E/12E/14E(no box)
#2019 Sherlock & Watson-2E/3E/6E
#2020-06 Wilson at the beach-3E/4E/17E
#2020-09 Bailey at the beach-2E/4E
#2029-10 Juliette angel bear-4E/7E
#2029-11 Clarence angel bear-1E/5E/6E/7E
#2030 Grenville the Santa Bear-11E/14E/16E*/20E/23E/24E
#2099 Grenville & Neville the sign-white-No Editions
#2218BC Homer on the plate-1E
#2222 Wilson the perfesser-5E/10E/23E/24E/29E/31E
#2223 Ted and Teddy-41E
#2225 Homer on the Plate (red)-8E/10E/39E
#2226 Daphne the reader hare-15E
#2227 Sebastian's Prayer-8E/18E/19E/20E
#2229 Charlotte and Bebe the gardeners-2E/6E/8E
#2230 Celeste...the angel rabbit-12E/12E(wrong box)/34E
#2231 Clara The Nurse-70E
#2233 Grenville the graduate-9E/11E*/13E/17E
#2235 Kringle & Bailey w/list-5E/9E/11E/16E
#2236 Elgin the elf bear-2E/4E/19E
#2238 Maynard the santa moose-2E/7E
#2239 Bessie the Santa cow-1E/8E
#2240 Edmund & Bailey gathering holly-4E/10E
#2242 Elliot & the snowbeary-9E/22E

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*denotes that there are special notes for these items. Usually it
means that the item is not mint! Ask and we will give you a complete
description of the not-Mint status.

Shipping is generally $6 for Priority Mail/Insured for the first
piece and $1-2 for each additional piece. Please note that large
orders ship larger and may require slightly higher charges for
shipping. All prices are in US dollars.
International shipping is higher.

If you are interested in any of these pieces E-mail us

Then you need to find out how to get it!
Go Here!

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