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:::suGGEstioNs aNd ways to makE it happEN:::

thERE aRE Lots of pEopLE who waNt to GEt iNvoLvEd iN thE REvoLutioN but thEy just doN't kNow what to do. thEy thiNk "aLRiGht, i doN't LikE what's happENiNG, i waNt to makE a chaNGE, but how i am supposEd to makE aNy kiNd of diffERENcE??" wELL, thiNk that way No moRE! aNGELs of chaos is hERE to hELp you fiGuRE it out!
thERE aRE huNdREds of ways that you caN hELp GEt thE baLL of thE REvoLutioN roLLiNG. thE smaLLEst thiNGs makE aLL thE diffERENcE bEcausE thEy show pEopLE that you aRE payiNG attENtioN, aNd that you aRE awaRE of what's happENiNG aRouNd you, aNd that you aRE Not GoiNG to sit back aNd LEt thEm dictatE youR lifE!
REcENtLy i fouNd a GREat paGE caLLEd "aNaRchy aNd kidz". it catERs to a tEEN audiENcE, GiviNG idEas aNd suppoRt foR ouR chaptER of iNput iN thE REvoLutioN. oNe paRt of thEiR paGE dEaLs with thE uNfaiRNEss of schooL aNd thiNGs to do about it. it is (as postEd oN thEiR paGE) foR "REcREatioNaL puRposEs oNLy", so basicaLLy, usE youR hEad - wE'RE Not coNdoNiNG maLicious activity, aNd doN't do aNythiNG that's GoNNa GEt you majoR tRoubLE (thiNk ExpELLEd). i'vE compiLEd a List of somE of thEiR idEas and tips that i thiNk aRE REaLLy good hERE.

iN LiGht of aLL my LatEst haRd woRk, i'vE fouNd somE nEw REsouRcEs foR youR ENjoymENt... thEy'vE bEEN put hERE.

hEy kids!! sick of aLL youR paRENts' shit?? havE thEy givEN you that oLd spiEL about "if you doN't likE it, thEN you caN just movE out aNd pay youR owN bills??" wELL guEss what?? you caN. iNtEREstEd?? of couRsE you aRE... cLick hERE...

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