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:::way to makE schooL days a LittLE bEttER:::

Call the school and leave the phone off the hook. The way some (but not all) phone systems work this will tie up their phone for as long as yours is off the hook.

Start an information service to get new students opinions and warnings about the teachers and administrators before enrollment day.

Rip off dishes and silverware from the cafeteria, towels from the gym, stencils and paper from the duplicating room, layout equipment from the art and drafting departments, tools from the wood shop, and light bulbs from the sockets. Give them to a needy movement group.

Put signs on your locker saying 'this locker will self-destruct if opened for inspection'.

Give your school library a subscription to a good underground newspaper from your area and insist that they make it available to students.

Print up false notices frequently using the same format as the school uses and distribute them to the teachers' mailboxes. Eventually they'll never know what to believe.

Are certain teachers or administrators misbehaving? Print up a rat sheet with their names and telephone numbers and distribute it. Now students can call up at any time and reprimand them -- 3:00 AM for example. Also you could order them pizzas ... plumbers ... think big!

Put up posters all around the school. To make them stick permanently use Pet evaporated milk for glue.

You could ice-pick tires as a warning -- but make sure you have a total enemy before you put sugar in their gas tank.

Start wailing in the halls.

Save your book reports and essays. Give them to other students to use next year or re-use them yourself with different teachers. (note from
*h⤧*: makE aN aRchivE foR the studENts oNLiNE aNd pass thE woRd aRouNd... tELL pEopLE to add aNy REpoRts, aNswERs to paGEs of homEworK, Etc... just imaGiNE haviNg ms. johNson assigN paGE 183, #'s 1-30 aNd haviNG thE aNswERs RiGht thERE at youR disposaL!)

Start a campaign to have the letter 'Z' appear everywhere as the mark of angry students.

Read the school budget. Reprint and distribute a list of the stupid expenditures.

Have a group of people march around the school with a flag singing the Star Spangled Banner. If the administration tries to punish you telephone your local radio stations and patriotic groups and complain that your school is being run by pinkos.

Persuade the graduating class to use their senior gift money for something useful or subversive.

Reprint School Stoppers Textbook in your underground paper or on a leaflet or buy bulk copies and pass them around. (anothER NotE fRom mE: pRiNt this paGE aNd haNd it aRouNd!!)

Use your 'free choice' book reports, term papers, etc. to read revolutionary literature and further the political education of you and your class.

Make an address list of disliked adults in your school. Answer sex ads for them -- or order them a few gross items (C.O.D. of course).

Get a small group to always carry screwdrivers and slowly dismantle the school.

Photograph teachers and administrators constantly -- even without film.

Newspaper stands in buildings are usually left unguarded. Take out papers and replace with rotten comics or papers.

If your school intercom has phones that connect into the intercom switchboard, put a small magnet either where the cord comes out of the handset or in the part where you hear. If the intercom just has a speaker, put the magnet near or on one of the electrical connections of the speaker. In either case it will short out the system. It may take weeks for them to find the trouble.

a pERsoNaL suGGEstioN: buy stickERs fRom aNd post thEm EvERywhERE!! thEiR mEssaGEs aRE vERy bLuNt aNd hoNEst - isN't that what this movEmENt is aLL about???

abovE aLL, bE cREativE!! thEsE aRE just a fEw idEas. usE youR bRaiN! comE up with youR owN aNd thEN put thEm iNto actioN!

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