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Full Name: Ricardo Bell Nicknames: Slick, Slickstershot Birthdate: September 18, 1967 Birthplace: Roxbury, Mass. Parents: Daniel A. Bell (RIP) and Dorothy Bell Siblings: Tyrone, Loretta, Wayne, Lawan, Danny, Tony, Mark, Peanut, Marcel, and Tina Favorite Food: Chinese Favorite Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and catsup Favorite Female Singers: Lauryn Hill, Toni Braxton Favorite TV Show: Moesha Favorite Actress: Angela Bassett Favorite Sport: Basketball Favorite Car: Pontiac Sierra Favorite Place in the world to visit: France, Amsterdam Favorite City: Los Angeles Favorite NE song: "One More Day" Favorite BBD song: "Something In Your Eyes" Favorite Song to Sing: "One More Day" Self-description: " I like to get out and mix with people and basically have a good time. I would treat a woman as my equal. I find that's best. After all, fair is fair." Pets: Rotweiller named Boston Shirt size: 15 Height: 5'5" Proudest Accomplishment: "Being able to move out of the projects" Typical day: "I wake up, walk my dog, sometimes, not all the time, sometimes I get lazy. I go to the gym, go to a couple of meetings, sit at home and watch TV." Strangest thing he has ever been sent: A bra Musical likes: Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Rick James, Jeffrey Osborne, Sheryl Crow, REM, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam Biggest Influence: God Goals: "I want to do a song with Michael Jackson. And I haven't found a wife yet. And, I want to break the 5 million album barrier. I want to win a Grammy. I haven't won a Grammy yet. I have won every award except that." Religion: Christian Astro Sign: Virgo

Ricky Bell was born on September 18, 1967 to Dorothy and Daniel Bell. Ricky has six older brothers and four older sisters.

Ricky enjoyed playing basketball and listening to Jeffrey Osborne, Michael Jackson, Rick James, and Stevie Wonder while growing up. He started out in a drill band with Ralph Tresvant. Ricky and Ralph would play basketball, do school book reports, and they were even in a school play together in which Ricky stabbed Ralph. They also sang together and were known as the Double R Connection.

Ricky was a member of a group called New Edition with Bobby Brown, Michael Bivins, Ralph Tresvant, and Ronnie DeVoe. New Edition performed in many talent shows before being discovered by Maurice Starr and releasing its debut album titled "Candy Girl" in 1983.

In the early New Edition years Ricky would mostly sing backup. He did, however, take lead on songs such as "Hey There Lonely Girl," and he sang or rapped on songs like "School," "N.E. Heart Break," and "All For Love."

In Bell Biv DeVoe, Ricky sang lead on most of the songs while Ronnie DeVoe or Michael Bivins rapped. By this time, Ricky had been called the music industry's "best kept secret."

When New Edition released their reunion album in 1996, fans got to hear a lot more of Ricky's soulful voice. Ricky sang parts on most of the songs, and he even took lead on songs such as "One More Day" and "I'm Still In Love With You."

Ricky has actually been on several songs as a solo artist. In 1990, he was featured in the song and video for Red Bandit's single "Please Don't Cry." He sang backup on Bobby Brown's single "Pretty Little Girl" on the "Bobby" album in 1992. Then in 1997, Ricky and Ralph Tresvant were both featured on the LL Cool J song "Candy" from LL Cool J's "Phenomenon" album. Though this may be the only song the Double R Connection will do together without any other members of New Edition, the two sound incredible together.

Although Ricky is still working on his debut solo album, he can be heard on the So So Def Bass All-Stars Vol. III album singing his own remix of "When Will I See You Smile Again."

Ricky's debut solo single, "Spanish Fly," is due August 16th and the album sometime in September. For more information, please see the archives on

"What got us back together is, to be honest with you, we never considered ourselves broken up. There are still a lot of plans and accomplishments we haven't done yet. The reason we got back together was because, first of all, we out it to our fans and we felt like there was a lot we haven't accomplished yet." -Ricky Bell (on the New Edition reunion)