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Full Name: Michael Lamont Bivins
Nicknames: Mike, MB, Biv
Birthdate: August 10, 1968
Birthplace: Roxbury, Mass.
Parents: Shirley and Gerard
Sibling: Sister- Tanya
Favorite Food: Lobster
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Car: Toyota and Subaru
Favorite Breakfast: Ham and eggs
Favorite Dessert: Chocolate Cake
Favorite City: New York
Favorite Pastime: Listening to music, shopping for clothes
Ambition: To be financially set for life
Skills: Plays the congas, basketball
Astro Sign: Leo

Michael Bivins was born on August 10, 1968 to Shirley and Gerard Bivins. he has one sister named Tanya and a son named Michael, Jr., who was born in December of 1996.

As one of the original members of New Edition, Mike has always been involved with the management side of New Edition. He is mostly a background member of the group, but he once said, "Even though I am a group member, I like to still get behind the scenes and take care of things. That's why I ended up helping co-direct the video." When he said this, he was speaking of the "You Don't Have To Worry" video. It is quite obvious that Mike would rather do things behind the scenes than be upfront. With much talent, he has even started his own record label, Biv 10 Records, and he has discovered groups like 702, ABC (Another Bad Creation), and Boyz II Men, who got their name from a song on NE's "Heart Break" album and became one of the biggest R&B acts of the 90's.

As for New Edition, Michael gives his input on everything from their image and stageshow to their wardrobe. He is also very professional and helpful, and one time he even did a phone interview when he was home sick with the chicken pox.

Mike was just as active in Bell Biv DeVoe, the trio he formed with NE members Ricky Bell and Ronnie DeVoe when New Edition branched out. The air-brushed overalls, backpacks, the "Do Me" T-shirts, hats with the tags, black vests, baggy jeans and clothes inside-out as well as backwards were all trends created by Michael Bivins.

Bell Biv DeVoe's first album, "Poison," spawned hits such as "Do Me," "When Will I See You Smile Again," "B.B.D. (I Thought It Was Me), as well as the title cut.

However, with the success came competition, imposters, and jealousy. B.B.D. once confessed on the Arsenio Hall Show that Michael Bivins and Ricky Bell often argued over which way things should go with the group. Although hardcore rappers and rap fans wanted either R&B or hip-hop instead of a mixture of both, B.B.D.'s record sales continued to rise past three million.

Though Michael had kind of been in the background doing small parts in songs in the early New Edition years, he got the chance to show off more of his rap skills on New Edition's 1996 reunion album titled "Home Again." He rapped on songs such as "Oh Yeah, It Feels So Good," "You Don't Have To Worry," and "Hit Me Off." Michael also had speaking parts on songs like "Home Again" and "Hear Me Out."

Michael did not join New Edition on the second half of the 1997 Reunion Tour. Though the exact reason is unknown, some say it is because he wanted to keep Biv 10 Records going."

Michael is currently working behind the scenes once again. He has a new group out called the Biv 10 Pee Wee All-Stars. He also has been working with 702 and Subway, and he is in the process of another New Edition album.