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Basic Training Guide

Author: HHC


Basic Training Part 2: Achieving the Silver Medal.


Rope Skills Grade 1

Destroy 1 target within 50 seconds using the ninja rope.


The ninja rope is without a doubt one of the weapons hardest to master. In this training you learn to make multiple swings with just one rope, it's not gonna be easy if you have no or only limited experience with using a ninja rope. You can complete this training by using the rope to collect the crate on the bottom girder, this crate will contain a baseball-bat to take out the target on the far right.

First connect the rope to the top girder (the long one), now take a deep breath and use the arrow keys to leave the platform. Once you are in mid-air, press the arrow keys a few times to see what it does to the rope. Once you are ready for it, try to swing. You can swing by pressing the spacebar to disconnect the rope and pressing it once again to reconnect it again to a new spot a bit further to the right of the top girder. This may seem hard at the beginning, but if you stay calm and concentrated, this should be easy after a few tries.

Once you arrive at the crate, after a few swings, collect it by making your rope longer. Do not get off the rope here! Now calmly make a few more swings to the right, up to the point where you can take out the target without any risc (beware the end of the top girder). Once you have landed on the girder with the target on it, disconnect the rope, select the baseball-bat and hit the target. Mission completed!



See the pink line? Making rope swings is easiest if you make the swings on this height. If you try to make the rope swings closer to the top girder, you will find that it's very hard not to hit the girder itself. If you try to make the swings beneath the line, you will find that it's very hard to reconnect the rope because the distance to the top girder is so much longer and the rope may fail to reconnect.


Remember that roping is easiest when you stay calm, most new wormers press the arrow keys desperately in all directions to make the worm go where they want to, just stay calm and observe what pressing one of the arrow keys does to the rope. Also note what you have learned in this training session: you can make swings with a rope (this will cost you only 1 ninja-rope) and collecting crates throughout the terrain is easy using the ninja-rope.

Remember that not all schemes allow you to use multiple swings, you can see how many swings you have left on the top of the screen among the information-messages.


Grenade Skills Grade 2

Destroy 3 targets within 60 seconds using grenades.


Grenadetraining level 2 is basically the same as level 1, only this time an additional target has been added which is a bit harder than the previous ones. Nevertheless this training shouldn't give you too much difficulty if you do it the right way.

Your first objective is to take out the easy target nearby. Press '1' to set the grenade fuse to just 1 second and throw the grenade with a relatively low angle towards the target. The grenade will explode nearby and take out the target if you are a bit lucky.

The second target is placed a bit further to the right. Move the angle up a little bit and throw the grenade in an almost straight line towards the target with almost full power. This shouldn't be too hard either.

The final target is a bit harder to hit. It's located out of reach of the 1 second grenade, so you are forced to use at least a 2 second one. Press '2' to change the fuse and move the angle up a fair bit (see the picture below). Now throw it with a nice bow to the target with about 80% power. Carefully monitor where the grenade lands and change the angle or velocity accordingly.


Short fused grenades with low angle are easiest to use in the training missions. Long fused grenades are generally better to use in real games where worms are hiding deep down in caves and cliffs.



Using the Firepunch

Destroy 2 targets within 50 seconds using firepunches.


The firepunch training is one of the easiest trainings once you know how to collect the crate.

Your first objective is to collect the crate on the far right on the highest girder, it contains additional firepunches so that you can take out both of  the targets instead of just 1. You will not reach this crate with a regular punch. To solve this problem you need to know how to jump, there are two keys in the game used for jumping: ENTER makes your worm jump forward, pressing it twice makes it jump a small distance backwards; Backspace makes your worm jump up a tiny bit, pressing it twice makes it perform a backflip. It's very important to learn to use these keys because they enable you to reach previously unreachable spots.

In this training you need to use only the Backspace button. To collect the crate on the right, stand right underneath it and press Backspace twice to do the backflip, note how the worm makes a high jump and lands a tiny bit away from it's original take off spot. Now perform the backflip once again and press space when the worm has reached it's highest point of the jump. Now your worm will firepunch and hit the target. Remember that the firepunch is not the only weapon usable in combination with a jump, many other weapons have the same ability and it may even boost their potential.

Now head on for the second target, the blue one in the middle. Press Backspace once to make a small jump upwards and press Space to take out the target. You can also use the backflip trick again or even one of the ENTER-jumps if you like. Finally take out the easy target at the left, you do not need to jump to take out this one.




Note how much you have learned here: you are able to use several different jumps (very handy in games!); you can use a number of weapons while jumping and you can collect crates with a firepunch without destroying them.



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