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Basic Training Guide

Author: HHC


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Basic Training Part 1: Achieving the Bronze Medal.


Grenade Skills Grade 1

Destroy 2 targets within 50 seconds using grenades.


In this training it is easiest to set the grenade fuse to 1 second, by clicking '1' on your keyboard.

The first target is situated on the nearest girder-combination. Aim a little bit up (see the picture below) and hold the space bar until you have almost reached full power. The grenade will make a nice flight and take out target one with a bit of luck. Carefully monitor the shot before firing a new one, so that you know if your shot was too powerful, too weak, too high or too low. Readjust the angle and/or power incase you miss a shot.


Try to use the shortest fuse possible. They make easier shots and you do not have to worry about grenades bouncing out of the girder-combinations before they explode.


The second target is situated on the girder-combination behind and above the first one. Adjust your angle by slightly increasing it, so that it makes a straight line with the middle part of the girder next to target #2. Now hold the spacebar to full power and the target is taken out.

All should be possible within 3 to 5 shots, do not worry about the time, it is by far enough to take out these targets.



Shotgun Skills

Destroy 6 targets within 60 seconds using shotguns.


This training shouldn't give you too much trouble as long as you take your time to aim at the targets. Try not to rush, there's enough time to aim with precision. The only danger lies in missing too many shots and running out of ammo.


Most of the targets are easy enough to take out without using a second shot. The only exception is target #4, which requires 2 shots, the first one to get rid of the girder in front of the target that is blocking your shot and the second one to take out the target itself.



Bazooka Skills Grade 1

Destroy 2 targets within 40 seconds using bazookas.


The first target is an easy one, aim a little bit above the target and hold the space to full power. The bazooka will hit the girder and take out the target. The second target however is a more difficult one. It's located behind your worm and thus you will need to use the wind to curve the bazooka over the girder behind your back and into the target. 

Hint: Press 'Insert' to change the background animations, note how the stars fall down in accordance to the wind, this may help you to judge how the wind will affect your bazooka.


Use the blue wind to take out target #2. Aim a little bit to the right and shoot the zook with average power, the wind will curve it over the top of the girder and into the target.



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