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What Did I Get In The Will? By Silvermoon

Have you ever noticed how relatives gather around the bed of the departing relative and cry and lament as to how good he/she was in life? The moment the person takes his/her last breath, is now open season on the person who lived with such a person, now that the departed has made his move to the Other Side of Life, the battle commences for greed at it's best. Aunt Martha is fighting with Doris over that antique table that cost thousands of dollars at a European auction. It does not matter the social position of people, they fight over material possessions all the same. I had the misfortune of witnessing such action at my father's death. My father was well off and so are my siblings. At his death he left us all much in material wealth and I wanted to share my things with my siblings because my share was the apartment my parents lived in till they died and many of the ornaments that were at the property I inherited were at our home when we were children and I felt that we should share in it equally, just to have something to remind us of our childhood. My oldest sister showed her true colors and wanted to take everything. I finally mentioned we are four children and we all wanted something to remind us of our childhood, but as well I felt as if my father now had turned into a piece of real estate or a material possession with no say into it, and that is what awaits most of us in this life. People in general are at a discontent during their lives, being critical of our every move and disapproving and they have the feeling that their parents owe them, they can't stand on their own two feet, it's as if they have, they want more out of life attained any which way they can. There are those that are vulnerable and weak in the face of psychic vampirism, meaning that others will do what they want with that person, they will take and use them for their own malignant purposes. A person can be very financially stable but they may be emotionally challenged and at this time is a particularly dangerous time for guilt trips into doing what they don't really want to do. You be aware and stayon your toes, and even if you want every person to have financial comfort as you do, you cannot be the savior of all. Learn to not feel so much compassion because in the end, compassion will kill, and think that it is for a reason that you must experience certain things in life, such as wealth or poverty. Don't let others fool you into thinking that they are helpless creatures, they are capable of walking their roads without you being used as a walking stick. Your journey has a purpose and your road was chosen by you prior to birth and you must walk that road and gain the learning you came here to learn and if not in this life time, well, then in the next but be asured that none of us scape the learning we must do and that is this journey we call life.

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