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Is Mommy In Heaven? By Silvermoon

These are the words of a little child when its mother has left for the World of Spirit, but what are our words? not much different than that. I was always asking that question, phrased in other terms, but never the less, it boiled down to the same thing. I kept on wondering where my mother was, I knew that heaven was a very rudimentary term for Spirit World. So, after she moved to the World of Spirit, I asked that a million times and one night as I lay asleep in bed, I remember I had a dream. I saw myself standing on sand, red sand to be precise, and then I saw a black carriage with horses and it stopped at my feet and my mother opened the door and got out and without saying as much as a word, motioned for me to follow her, I could understand what she was saying to me but she was not talking, but still I could hear what she was saying. She showed me a set of gates and I accompanied her to the gates, and as we got there, she motioned for me to stay behind these gates and I remember I woke up from this dream and was crying and feeling very distraught, but that lasted for a short while and I remember my husband trying to comfort me and trying to bring some thing to ground myself with. After this episode there were other episodes where I was taken to the other side as I kept insisting to know exactly where my mom is, and one night as we went to bed, I remember I went to sleep and I saw that my mother was at the foot of my bed and motioning for me to hurry up and come with her, I tried to say hello to her but she seemed in such a hurry that I did as she asked and departed with her and I ended up traveling at great speeds, this was unreal, the speed was terrifying to me and so was every thing in this dream. Soon enough I saw brilliant lights travelling past me and soon I came to this house, that was much like an earth house and I opened the door and I found myself in a sort of reception area of the place and the kindest person received me there, but this was a regular person, a man, tall and skinny and dressed in regular men's clothing and he asked me to look behind me and I did and I saw a row of dead people and all of a sudden these dead people started saying to me that they were dead but not dead and these people were dancing around and such was my terror that I noticed this young lady standing beside me and I held onto her and she was just quiet and not saying much. She just stood there and tried her best to comfort me. This young lady, I realize, is my spiritual sister, but I won't say who my sister is, it could reveal her identity and I don't want that to be known. I got the feeling from this man's energy that he was a host to receive people and he was so polite and nice to me and also appeared to be very wise, love was unconditional and he even humored me in my terror and patted my head as we would do to a child that is crying with fear. After this, I woke up crying and very disorientation as to time and place and I felt as if I had been punched in my solar plexus as I woke up and I shot out of that bed like something horrible was chasing me and I went and sat in the living room and try to figure out what had happened, I cried so hard sitting in the living room because of the fact that I had to leave my mother behind and also because I could not orientate myself and the dream was too unreal in the sense that things like these don't happen to someone every day. My husband had come to the living room where I was in tears and still terrified, he gave me a glass of Pepsi and tried his best to calm me down and when I had calmed down enough to talk I relayed my dream to him, but he never doubted me, he was used to me having strange and very vivid dreams. After a while, when I no longer felt terror, I managed to realize that I had been a guest of the Other Side of Life.

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