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Why Spirit Guides Return By Silvermoon

Like all Spirit Guides who return to teach and try and save us from destroying ourselves and our world, they as well return to try prove to us that those that have made their move to the World of Spirit still live on in the realm of the Cosmic Birthir, which is the energy we call Goddess/God and so by this returning to our realm and with the aid of a facilitator try to make us understand that we are a part of the Cosmic Birthir even as those in the Spirit World are. Although Spirit Guides strive to do these, there are those that seem to think it is more important to worry about the "toys" rather than the message, they want to go on an ego trip and say they too can "channel" a Master from one of the level of understanding. When a Spirit Guide is allowed to come and teach, it's through an understanding with other inhabitants of the Spirit World that they too will help the Guide do his/her task. Their messages through their teachings are pure and simple, so much so that it amazes us to the point of being stunned by the simplicity of the message, we expect these Guides to come and speak in thou, thee or thy and shine by, while we hope a plume from their dress will grace us with a touch, most of them come to us and there is none of those thee, thou or thy's, only truth and simple language, they learn our modern languages, while there is some in society that persecute those facilitators who lend their bodies to these Guides and they quote "the book" and they condemn and curse them. The Source that is the Divine does not have a religion, man has, the Source has no particular creed, man has, and while at any time a Master has been allowed to incarnate they made these Masters Gods, and then they crucified the Master, just a teacher from one of the highest level of understanding, why? for their own benefit, after all they must have the Divine with a shape and face and a name too. The Masters that come, do so to be of service to humanity and not to be confused with the Source. They come and try to expand our brain, and yet, we must analyze and dissect all of their words and proceed to question their teachings to us. We cannot accept that on the other side there is life and not life with a condition but life eternal for all and not just a few that frequent a building in the name of God and right after the services, they go and drink and carry on like mere babes at their mother's breast. You don't need a face, you do this because in your minds you couldn't fathom what the face of the Source is, so, if there is a someone that speaks a truth, we call him/her demonic or holy but we must have a face so we can worship and feel whole for a few minutes and then go right back to being the imperfect entities we are. We will see more of the Masters come to this realm to teach and that is because the vibrations are being raised and we can call this evolution.

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