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Spirit Communication By Silvermoon

Spirit communication is simply the departed in their true form trying to impart a message for us or to teach about different subjects. Everything has a frequency, animals, humans, etc, all that which is termed animate has a frequency and the vibratory frequencies can be made higher by us incarnate entities, which allows communication with the World of Spirit. In the realm of spirit entities will vibrate at a rate that is much higher than our own, but we all can communicate with the World of Spirit. There are classes which are developmental classes for just such a purpose. Some people are born sensitives and are naturals at it and will need very little instruction into this matter. All that is electricity can be a medium of communication such as your telephone, radio, anything that has electricity attached to it, also we can find high frequencies in electromagnetic fields. all of these can be used as a tool of communication with Spirit. Animals are of a very high vibratory frequency and can sense, hear and see entities that are inhabitants of the World of Spirit. Communication with the World of Spirit can be also achieved through meditation and meditation is not only used for that but also as a means of relaxation. Scientists have proven that stress and worry is a major contributor to the cause heart attacks, as well, genetic imprint from our ancestors will have an influence on illness. To achieve contact with Spirit (no, don't try to call Elvis, it does not work like that) here is a little system I got taught this one many years ago:

    1. Sit in a place where you are not disturbed. Start by asking the Universe to allow only the highest vibratory frequencies to come to you.

    2. Pay attention to changes in temperature and subtle signs, such as a breeze.

    3. Ask with your mind for someone to meet you at your safe place, which is where you are right now.

    4. Scan your thoughts and after a while you will start to see in your thoughts that there are certain things there that tell you by instinct that this is not from you but from your Spirit Guide.

    5. When you are done, thank whoever came. Close by thanking the Universe for allowing this to take place.

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