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What Happens When We Die? By SilverMoon

Death is the doorway to a more expanded way of life. From the day we are born we are triune beings. We are made of spirit, soul and the physical body. When we are born, we are attached to our mothers by the umbilical cord. In similar fashion, the earthly body and the spiritual body are attached by an invisible cord. When we die, this cord that unites earthly body and spiritual body is severed. The material body returns to the earth where it came from and the spiritual body then becomes what will house spirit and soul. Spirit is that which is termed the invisible life force, it is that which gives energy and motivation to our physical being. The soul can be termed the mind, which embraces your true and individual self, such as your personality, etc. Your physical embodiment is that which houses spirit and soul to manifest in this earthly condition to which it is attuned. When we die, these two separate entities which is spirit and soul, leave the physical body using the medium of the spiritual body which all men are given at birth. The physical body having then lost its life force is dead to this world and decomposition and disintegration of your physical body begins, but the spirit and soul, the real living being now functions in its spiritual body which is as real to the individual as its old physical embodiment and begins its new life in the next stage of existence. The death of the body is the rebirth of the spirit and soul into spirit life.

SilverMoon April 6, 2000

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