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I Am Scared To Death And I Don't Know Why By Silvermoon

I am posting this article here because when I was working as a nurse there was a co-worker who suffered panic attacks and I thought how awful it must have been for her at the time. I used to sit with her in the sun room of the hospital we worked in and I used to talk with her and calm her down but at the same time I learned quite a bit about panic disorder. I say thanks to this special lady and I wish people were as brave as she was. I hope you are as fortunate as I am to have known a person who suffered from panic disorder and who thru all her fear beat this condition. I hope you learn something here.

At the time of the death of a loved one, people afflicted with panic disorder will suffer greater than the average person, such as you and I. People with this disorder will be at risk of a relapse because their anxiety levels are so much higher than yours or mine but all ailments happen for a reason, either we can learn from them or we can go ahead and practise self pity, but why would you want people to feel sorry for yourself? In modern society the stress level is so high that we sometimes suffer stress related conditions. There is a certain condition that I know of and this particular condition can be so terrible for the sufferer that they literally want to hide. We are conditioned to suffer and think that no major disease or even a condition can be cured. Medical science has no way to eradicate things like panic from our minds. Panic, for the sufferer, can be horrible. It can ruin the lives of those that are afflicted with this condition. Did you know of your divinity? did you know our minds and souls are what resembles the Source that gave us life? With the power of the mind we can create tranquility and peace in our lives. As well we can create all kinds of mental agony in our lives too. If we were to acknowledge the divinity in ourselves, then none of these stress related conditons or for that matter disease would affect us. I know that you don't have to do any of the things that I will expand on for not everything that I say may be part of your belief, but nevertheless you have nothing to loose but try.

First thing that you may want to do is have a good general check up with your General Practitioner to make sure you don't have any major physical ailment that can be potentially life threatening, once you are certain, you can proceed with this simple system.

Have you noticed that sometimes you feel unreal, spaced out and dizzy for no good reason? are you trembling and ready to pass out? is your heart beating so fast that it appears that it may leap out of your mouth? are you frightened? well, of course you are, because you can't find any good reason for what is causing these symptoms.

In place of bolting out of fear or just hiding, sit down and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, breathing through the belly, use your belly to breathe with, not your chest. Do not hyper ventilate, if you do happen to hyper ventilate, have handy a little brown paper bag, the kind you put your lunch for work in, this is a great tool, and you can use it by putting the opening of the brown paper bag over your nose and mouth and breathe into the bag at a steady pace by breathing in and out into the bag. Once you have overcome hyperventilation you can start by taking slow deep breaths through the belly.

Next, feel the sensations that you have to feel, remember, you are not going to die, you just had a check up and nothing is wrong. Center yourself if you have to.

Now focus, don't loose concentration, I know that it's hard to do this, but try to focus on what you are doing, don't let the panic that you feel win. Bring forth an emotion that made you feel good. something that made you feel at peace. Stay with this emotion. Where were you at this time? look for the details, were you very happy? were you at peace? go back there and feel all you felt then.

After you've done this, acknowledge your divinity and if you still feel symptoms and panic, remember to do this with each wave of symptoms and panic that you may feel and say over and over to yourself the following words:

From the Lord God of my being, I accept, I accept, I accept.

With each wave of fear, repeat this phrase over and over again until you no longer feel fear or symptoms. You can say this out loud or you can just say it silently to yourself. Is someone looking at you doing this in the middle of a park for example? who cares! Are they laughing at you? well, double who cares! chances are that whoever you thought was looking at you or laughing at you, was not really looking at you but rather at something else other than yourself, Remember, this condition makes people think that others will notice the sufferer when they are experiencing a panic attack and its symptoms and this is all because the sufferer is so ashamed of him/herself, they are fearful that they may be laughed at or worse, for fear of being considered crazy, remember, this is way better and safer than taking pills, so go ahead and do this, remember, you have nothing to loose here.

The reason for acknowledging our divinity is because you have created with your mind a physical condition, your emotional self created panic for you with the aid of your mind. This is where we resemble the Source that gave us life in this incarnation. Why do I say this? well, I will ask a question of you. What were you thinking before the attack happened? Were you thinking in a negative way and going back to perhaps some terrible event you experienced at one point or another in your life? were you in the what if mode? see? see how powerful the mind is? After the death of a loved one, people can get emotionally ill easily, so, why don't we acknowledge our divinity instead? why? does this sound sinful to you? do you sound like a heretic? who told you? well, if your well being depends on trying new things, then why not acknowledge divinity? I think this is easy and you can do this anywhere you may be at, you can carry it with you without the need of a purse. Don't ever be afraid to try new things. Divinity is our birthright and divinity was given to us by the Creator, so if the Creator made you divine, then no human can take that away from you, can they now?


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