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Many Voices Few Can Hear By Silvermoon

A person who can hear Spirit is called a clairaudient. Some are born with this ability while others have to bring it forth through much development at places that offer courses in this field as part of their services. Being clairaudient does not mean that you are more special than others, it does not mean that you are chosen by the powers that be as a Goddess or God, no, we all posses this ability, whether one realizes it or not. The key to hearing their voices is a willingness to be open to it. Saying silently that you allow them to communicate with you and that you want to hear. Many people say that they would love to hear spirit, think, why would you love to? is it because you want worshipping people at your feet? or is it because you want to be of service to the rest of the people in the world of matter? these are questions you must ask before wishing to develop what is yours as a gift from The Cosmic Birthir. If you are a sensitive to the World of Spirit, you must pay the price of being sensitive to the sorrows of the world of matter, it can't be any other way. Are you willing to pay the price? are you willing to feel the sorrow when you hear messages from entities of the World of Spirit and impart those messages to, for example, grieving people, or people that are seeking a cure for a relative who's dying and wishes for spirit to save the relative, and spirit can't do that because the law of the Source we call God is a constant and cannot be altered and when the time comes there is nothing that will change that, are you willing to do that? this is something that you must think about, if you were not sensitive and able to attune your energies to entities from the World of Spirit and want to communicate with them, think about it, before you develop any gifts that The Cosmic Source we call God has given you. As a clairvoyant you render service for service and not for money or for the adulation of others, but you serve because you strive to bring what illumination you can to those in the world of matter from those in the World of Spirit. He who strives to forget self and to serve is expressing the divine who is the Great White Spirit and that is what this world needs now a days, unselfish acts to change energies, from negative into positive energy flow, this is where unconditional love comes in, this is where you are showing others service, but not for a few dollars more but out of true desire to be using your gifts that you were given to serve the world of matter.

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