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I Can't See Past The Fog That Is Grief, By SilverMoon

Suicide...why would you consider ending your journey in such a way? Are you grief stricken? is you grief of such magnitude that you would end your own life? There are those that have given serious thought to ending their own lives because the crossing of a loved one left them so alone and feel such a void. I know, that void we feel, no one can fill but our departed loved one. We cry, we think that the loved one was the only one that understood us and he/she was so special and at the same time his/her love was unique in the way the expressed it to us. We feel such intense pain that at times you think to yourself that it would be better if our lives were to end. You want to be with them, which is very normal, but the dying of suicide is wrong and not because society says so but because we must complete this journey and part of this journey includes experiencing death. We must live according to the Law of the Divine because the Law is always perfect in its operation. The Law of the Divine is perfect love and controlled by the Divine. We have no right to interfere with the Law, if we do we must pay the price in the long adjustment we will have on the other side of life for cutting our journey off before our spirit is ready. It will also cause us to be separated from the ones that we love for we will have made a gap. All life belongs to the Divine and the Divine is in all that is life. If we take an orange from a tree and it is not ripe, it tastes sour and so it is with your spirit, when you cut off your spirit before the right time, it will have a bitter time adjusting to the other side of life and spirit will comprehend the Law so well and see that what it did was wrong and suffer for this. It is perfectly normal to want to join our loved one on the other side because we are grief striken, but once the grief has gone you see the whole picture behind the death clearer and in place of the why that you have asked over and over again there comes an understanding and with the understanding comes healing from the grief we all felt during this dark fog that is grief. I wish you peace and tranquility in your life.


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