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Let Me Walk In Humbleness By Silvermoon

O Cosmic Birthir, You who created my life and all that is life, I thank You for this incarnation of a fragment of my soul in the realm of matter. I ask You allow me to walk this road in humbleness and love. Let open the eyes of my soul and Allow me to see how gifted my brethren is. Let my mouth utter words of praise for all that my brothers and sisters do well and accomplish as small as that may be. Touch mine heart to have the soul understanding that the gifts You have given me come from You, and let not my heart harbour false pride, for what comes from You shall return to You and at any moment I may be stripped naked of Your gifts. Let not my mouth utter or whisper any offense against another, for we are all connected in the realm of matter. Let those that utter words against me be blessed for theirs is their truth. Let mine eyes be open and see and identify with my brethren's faults and virtues for I also have those. Most of all I ask that You protect me from myself for I am my greatest enemy so when I return to You I will feel no shame and I will be embraced in perfect love and in perfect trust. So be it!

April 6, 2000

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