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Welcome To St. Elsewhere
Page Seven
By SilverMoon




Now I'm back inside the cubicle at the ER, and they are taking me to the floor I'm supposed to be in for a short while. I can't quite recall if I came in on a thursday or friday night, but in all I'll put my plan in action, I've become the nurses' nightmare with legs, and if satan was real, then I'd be his mother. I'm playing my part to the limit. Next day comes and after a night in this place I think I may end up better off at home. I've been woken up all night by the nurse trying to take my blood pressure and the vitals. I haven't been able to sleep a wink all night! "The doctor is coming soon," the nurse says to me. I see him and it's none other than doctor teenager!! I'm saying that they can't keep me here if I don't want to be here, that is called kidnapping, I'm signing myself out, he says, "okay you can go, no use arguing with you, you seem to be determined to go but I am going to give you a prescription for Nitro, it's for your heart so use it upto a maximum of three times a day and not any more than that," "okay, when can I go, huh?" in a while. he leaves and I proceed to take that stupid needle from the I.V. out of my arm. It's now out and I'm going to call John. "hello, John? I'm ready to go!!" "what?" "no, I'm not running away!!!" "the doctor says I can go home now." I'm finally home and you want to know what? that is just the way I want it, if I were to die, I'd want to be home so I can die with my cats and in my bed.