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A Little Child, A Poem By SilverMoon






A little child asked, why are there so many Stars and Planets, why is Mother Moon so serious at night time, but Mother Moon, Planets and Stars did not reply, it was the Mighty Winds who called back. The little child.


When night fell, he'd always ask the same of the invisivble presence of the Angel, only the mantle of comfort would cover him and take him to heights no one knew. That child.


He'd always dream of cotton candy, teddy bears and simple things, the little child, he'd always ask one of them to keep him company at night, the child. He'd ask Mother Moon to take him in her arms.

One night he did dream of a city, and a big house, with marble pillars, and a thousand rooms in that house and the kind Lady would take him outside where he'd sit on the grass and it was so soft you couldn't find it in real life, he saw a light, the little child.


He'd dream the same dream from then on and he got an understanding, that light in his dream was the Divine, and he'd tell his mom and dad, over and over again that it was full of love. A young child.


The seasons went by and the little child grew somber and finally was rocked in the arms of his Angel of Light and now he lives in Mother Moon, the Planets and all the Stars, there was a child.

Every time you see Mother Moon, the Planet, stars and even brother Sun, don't ask why there are so many and why is Mother Moon so serious at night, just know there are little children that inhabit the sky.


~*~ SilverMoon ~*~