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Sorrow Over The Loss Of A Loved One By SilverMoon

When we loose the physical presence of a loved one, we feel great sadness over the loss but it is only the loss of that physical presence we feel. We miss those times when we were with them. We miss their moral support, their love and warmth. In the case of the loss of a child, we miss reading a story at bedtime, their cute ways, their love they had for us as parents, we even miss their mischief. The loss of the physical presence is so great because we have not evolved beyond this vibration of matter in which we live. We are in the dream like condition because our reality is a dream and the dream is the reality. When we evolve we will be able to distinguish between this dream and reality. The ties of the plane of matter are not binding but the ties of spirit endure for ever. It is that which connects us and allows us the recognition of our loved ones when we migrate to the other side of life. We must try not to look at our loved one's migration to the other side of life from a personal point of view as hard as this is, but if this event which devastates you serves as an uplifting to many on the other side of life, it will help develop your spirit. The so called dead, the ones that are well and alive on the other side of life, do not leave you. They are always with us, even closer than they were before. The act of migration to the other side of life, as I like to refer to the act of dying, is not hard for the person who crosses over, it's a great release to them. They now have no sorrows, their only sorrows are our sorrows. You may think that they don't see you but they do and they are greatly in sorrow when they see us cry and lament. In our plane of existence we are very receptive to the low vibration that is matter but not to the vibration of spirit. Although we cannot see our loved ones on the high vibration of spirit, they are there and by the act of crying, we hold them back from their task at hand. I am not saying not to cry because we miss them, but I am saying not to have thoughts of joining them on the other side of life. They are always around and the love that they bring with them can only be measured in vibration and it is a vibration that very few can tune into, it is perfect love. They no longer want to pretend. Material things don't matter then. Their only interest is to help us. We can also help them if we make a decision to release them. You will know when the time is right for doing just that. I did that a few weeks ago, and why? well, Fred, whom I loved greatly and still do, was always giving me a sign here and there and proof concrete that that death is just a state. He kept on coming back and I can assure you that I was not hallucinating or hearing things that weren't there, no, there were too many things that only he could have done, then after the horrific grief that I felt, I finally started to calm down and started to know as well that I was ready to release him. I went to my quiet spot and told him that we would meet at a certain hour each and every day and that is exactly what I have done. I know for a fact that if I need him he will come and see me, but, I am now starting to come out of this and I know that he is very much around and that the Cosmic Birthir is a Loving Creator and an allowing one and the Creator gave us free will and that free will be a gift to us for ever and ever and even on the other side of life. I wish you peace and tranquility and may you find comfort after the hard learning that is grief has passed and when you have the understanding of it, may you own that knowledge well and share it so you may help others as well. May the Creator be with you and your loved ones for ever and ever.


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