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Thanks Giving Prayer To The Great Spirit, By SilverMoon

Oh Great Spirit of the Creator, The Cosmic Birthir, You Who Are above all else, You Who Gave Birth to all of the Heavens and Earth, Help us always be thankful for all You have Created, Help us mantain balance in our minds....our bodies.....our souls....our spirits. So Be It.

Oh Great Spirit of the North, grant us the ability to see and feel all You Created, all You have seen fit to Create for our pleasure, let us be thankful for all Your Wisdom in creating the oceans which is home to the fish we eat. So Be It.

Oh Great Spirit of the south, You Who are the Ruler over all of the Universe, You Gave us a home we call Mother Earth, Help us look after Mother Earth and rejoice in Her Majesty. So Be It. 

Oh Great Spirit of the East, You Who Created The Sun for our warmth and comfort, help Brother Sun shine with Its brightest light, that It may help give us a rich harvest and that way keep us fed. So Be It.

Oh Great Spirit of the West, Oh Spirit of the Mighty Winds, cool down our brows as we toil to help our brethren in all their tribulations and let's not forsake one another. So Be It.

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