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The Changes By Silvermoon

The coming changes are an opportunity for the human race's consciousness to shift from a negative energy to a possitive one. We will mourn no more, for we will be able to see freely entities that reside in other dimensions. Poverty which assails the planet will be no more, currency as we know it will be no more, a new way of life will happen, so that greed can be exterminated.

With the advent of the year 2000, a new vibrational energy has arrived on this planet. The age of piscis had ended and the age of aquarious has arrived. Energies are masculine and femenine in their vibration. The energy that just left the planet was masculine in its vibration and in its place a femenine energy has taken over. A femenine vibration brings with it a much more spiritual awareness. Now a days people are perceiving the Divine in different forms, such as they are looking inwardly for the the One Supreme Being, that which we call God in its many forms. God has many facets and which ever path you choose to take, it will lead you to the Eternal God, The Great Spirit. People are noticing all around them all manner of personal difficulties and fear has begun with the difficulties that assails people at this time. Problems are infinite, people are lossing their jobs, people are experiencing all manner of tribulations. The earth as a planet has already met with this new energy, yes, even planets have their own energy, everything has life in it and all is life and the one Eternal God, The Great Spirit dwells in all, The Great Spirit is Omnipresent. We, as a people must meet with this new energy whether we like it or not. To reach this energy we will have to expand our consciousnesses and to do this, we will have to accept certain things that we may not like very much but that are part of truth, otherwise, meeting this new energy will be very painful, in particular for those that are narrow minded. Some of us take it for granted that we are not supposed to worship God in any other way but the way that certain people that have appointed themselves as judges of the human race have deem fit for us to do. We encounter these people in all places and the message is the same, repent, repent and repent some more, but I wonder what are we supposed to repent from, who have we killed? what law have we broken? the way this happens is that some times we are sitting there minding our own business and in comes a person who appoints himself or herself as witnesses, witnesses for what I wonder? well, as they see it, they are acting on behalf of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They want to tell you which spiritual path you should take and if you don't do as the so called witness for Jesus says, then you are doomed. How do you get saved? well, they tell you that you have to accept Jesus Christ by doing a few things that are man made rules, such as you have to follow the rules of their places of worship. If you don't do as you are told, then you are a heathen, you are going to hell for sure, no one can save you because you don't want to follow the rules of their Churches. I have known catholics that have been called the devil worshipers because they go to the catholic church, why? well, according to the Seven Day Adventists, the pope is the antichrist because the hat he wears has number and those numbers add to a certain other number that means something to them but when you ask them to explain, they are evasive, they mumble and they won't tell you, once you join this particular group then they let you know what the numbers mean, on the meantime, they keep you in the dark and God help you if you ask what that means because then you are questioning God himself. Then we have the other religions, they appoint themselves as your judge, they are so immersed in their own lack of open mindedness that if you think, then you are sinning. At the same time, they tell you what good christians they are, oh yes, they tell you they read the Good Book three times a day, they go to church on Sunday punctually and they don't eat this or drink that because it's not holy but if you ask them why is it not holy if God created it, then they tell you that the Devil put it there so you could sin, so, back to square one for you, you are not too sure if breathing is allowed because you may inhale some of the polutants in the air and then you are sinning again. Then we soon find out that these supposedly saints of God are doing things behind close doors, they drink their beer or whatever it is that they drink, they have the odd affair with another church member and they indulge in things which they are preaching against but then when you ask them how come they are doing things like that they say that Jesus came here to give His life for us and by dying for us He saved us of the doom of eternal damnation and then if you sin, it's alright as long as you believe in Jesus and do the rules of the church then you are automatically forgiven by God and all is well once more and then if you do the same then you are a heathen doomed for ever because you were acting human! They don't realize that some of the people they are judging may be better people than they are, they may be of service to others without all the rules and they have a better understanding of what being of service is all about, it's not just reading a book and memorising five hundred pages, it's not just reading it like a parrot, it's understanding the said book with the eyes of spirit, it's not just profesing to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, it is also having a Christ like mind. These people are trying to twist your will and God save your soul if you don't do as they say you should do, then they work on your self esteem some, they really praise you while you are thinking about what they preach and also while you are investigating their church, but, if you dare say to them that really, that is not your spiritual path, then watch out! the ones that were professing friendship for eternity have turned now into your punishers, they will use any tools at their disposal to make you feel like the worst human being on the planet. These people will see you sad and they think that being happy 24 hours a day is the way because then you are a child of God, it is not right according to them if you are undergoing the grief process and you cry, they don't understand that being human is normal but being happy 24/7 is unreal because it just doesn't happen, if God had wanted us to be happy all day long all week long then he would not have given us tears to cry or emotions to feel. These so called witnesses for the Word of God, will not be shining any too much in the near or distant future with their judgement or with the way they act. I would love to ask some of these people if Jesus Christ was a racist or if Jesus Christ was a greedy man or perhaps if Jesus was acting like them and behind close doors was doing His own thing while preaching a sermon about doing something completly different. I have never asked these people to debate with me because I know that would be impossible and being that I don't like to be called a heathen, then I refrain from such an event.


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