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Reincarnation By Silvermoon

In the world of matter, you are expressing but a tiny portion of the consciousness that you are. The consciousness that you are is split into fragments and these fragments are parts of the whole consciousness that is you, those fragments are expressing themselves in other planes of expressions. These are all part of one inner spiritual reality. If you have an orange and you take each piece of that orange, these pieces will be independently their own but still part of that orange. If you take these same pieces and put them back together again then once more those fragments are part of the whole when they meet, there is recognition of the oneness that they are and so it is with consciousness. Our consciousness' fragments can never be on the plane of matter all at the same time, only one fragment at a time can incarnate into matter but they are all learning on other planes at the same time. The only time that the whole of your consciousness will be together it would be in eternity. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the subject of reincarnation. We are only given understandings of spiritual truths when our souls are ready to comprehend and then it becomes clear to us. We have to reach that level of understanding and only then do we comprehend the whole picture. It all depends on the level of evolution that the soul is at. We will never get further understanding if we are not ready for it and we will know when that is, it's a knowing and it manifests in our minds. Have you ever been pondering some subject relating to spiritual truth that you thought that you were firmly convinced on its answer and all of a sudden in comes a new answer, and that is alright because as we face new facts so does our understanding change as well. When a fragment of the whole of the soul reincarnates it will choose all it has to choose to evolve and learn in the world of matter such as nationality, parents and all the soul will need to survive in the vessel it chooses to incarnate and carry on with the task and learning at hand. Life is a continual change and evolution and when loved ones migrate to the other side of life, we will know them because love attracts love, nothing can prevent the meeting of those we loved before. We don't get punished for our transgressions in a previous incarnation on earth. It is not always a question of punishment but of evolution, of a task to be learned, of another education and uplifment. I have heard myself say, how can I be so stupid to have chosen all that I chose in this life time when it's so hard? yet, I know it's necessary for my own soul's evolution to go through it, to experience it and learn it. Some people want to know so bad who they were in another life time, but, that is not so important, that is old bones and put them to rest, concentrate on this life time. Learn in humility and learn well, for life is but a dream and dream is the reality. Listen carefully to your soul's mandates and follow them, that is what you are here for, to learn. This does not mean that you must remain at one learning but it means that you must progress and your soul will know when that is, when you must go on to the next learning. It's a series of learnings not just one and don't confuse one bad learning for being the end of the learning, you see, if we stop on the account that according to us we have to stay at one learning then we will leave behind many more learnings that your soul needs in this life time to evolve and master, if not that fragment will come back and have to start all over again, so, in all humbleness, go on and evolve and learn. So you think you may be an old soul? that's alright, but it's not a reason to stop learning from what you chose to come here to learn, we are for ever learning and we will never stop. Don't stop your learning on the account that you may be an old soul, even old souls have to learn, and it does not mean that you are better or wiser than the other ones, perhaps you can help another but that is also what we are here for, to help one another in this process called evolution of the soul. I wish you peace and evolution of your soul and may you walk with the Source that gave us life for ever and ever, so be it.


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