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Glow Potion Number 9 By Silvermoon

The man in the white coat came with a potion, a potion that provides me with the ability to glow in the dark, technological advances as those are called!
I went to the bathroom and by accident I turned off the lights too soon. I was startled as I happened to glance in the general direction of the mirror and I looked and saw my reflection glowing as if I was Divine, I looked and I was so surprised! now I'll be famous, just like a Goddess or Jesus Christ! people will pray to me too and ask for a cure for their illnesses. At that moment it happened, an epiphany, a revelation of some sort came to me that said I had something to prove. I took a walk to the nearest River, and I thought, "if I'm truly Divine now, maybe I can also try!" I did ponder the problem of who would be my 12 apostles. After a while, I tried to find a cripple or two to see if I too could perform a miracle but with no luck, then, here is when the lights really came on and I thought to myself, now is my chance, why not walk on water!? after all I'm all shining by! I bet that I could!! yes I can! I glanced and I saw some Jehovah's witnesses and to my surprise they never did bow, I have no feathers, I cannot let a plume from my robes caress their mortal selves! oh dear! I forgot my halo, that is why all of these people are ignoring me! After a while, I tried walking on water, but it proved to me that I'm not the Divine. I caused a big commotion when I reached the deep waters and I almost did drown. That night after my adventure, I was in all papers and all the newscasts, I was the headlines! there was no mercy in sight! The local TV station's broadcaster read punctually at the six o'clock edition, woman nearly drowned after confusing herself with being Divine! Now I understand that I'm just radio active, I will glow in the dark, but, I have no delusions, it was all for nothing, I'm only a woman and I'm neither a Goddess nor Jesus Christ, I can't walk on water but I can glow in the dark!

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