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Mom Told Me By Silvermoon

I remember it like it was today. That day was no different than any other day. I remember we went for coffee and then at night we settled in front of the tv to watch the movie "Reviewing your life." After the show, as soon as I finished tiding up a bit, I went into the front room to finish a craft project I was working on. After a while I went to bed and as soon as I hit the pillow I went to sleep. I had a dream that night about this big college campus, and it appeared to be so busy, students coming and going and I was really preoccupied in the dream with finding a phone to call my mom to let her know I'd be late coming home. When I reached my mom on the phone I told her that I'd be late and soon as I could get a ride I'd be home and her answer to me was that it was not my time to come home yet and besides, she said, "your father is coming home very soon so you better hang around at school," which in my dream I did. When she told me my dad was coming home I saw him hanging his hat in the entrance of this house and at the same time I was shown my husband doing the same. The next day I woke up and was very quiet all day and that night my son was asking me what was the matter and I told him my dad was going to make his crossing and I hadn't seen him in sixteen years and I was so sad because of it. My son looked at me and said, "mom, how can you be so sure? I mean mom, who told you this?" I turned to him and said that my dead mom had shown me my dad's death and not only that but my husband's as well. As soon as I said that, we heard the phone ring and it was my brother. I got on the phone and the first thing I said was, "this is about my dad, isn't it?" "he is not well, is that right?" my brother on the other end of the line was wondering how did I know this and asked me who told me, I said, "mom told me, that's who!" he said that was impossible, being that mom has been dead since 1982, and my brother said in fact they had just phoned him and told him and that he wanted to let me know and told me my dad had just been taken to the hospital and wasn't expected to live passed saturday, that night I had the same dream, only I was shown the date of the death and in fact the death of my father occurred precisely on that date. As for my now departed husband, he also passed away in a year and a few months after I had had this dream. What was the purpose of this dream? to prepare us so we can help others cope with death, and did I cope with my father's crossing? yes I did, but I didn't do too well with my husband's crossing. I have had so many of these kind of dreams, some of us are born this way and others can develop this ability and I have learned respect for dreams. We all can have prophetic dreams if we are open to spirit.

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