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The Near Death Experience
By SilverMoon

Much research has been done regarding the near death experience. Researchers have tried to induce this phenomena by stimuli of the frontal lobes through the use of electrodes which are attached to the skull. In frontal lobe epilepsy, people afflicted with this condition suffer mystical/paranormal hallucinations, hence all legitimate mystical/paranormal experience has been explained away as frontal lobe epilepsy. Another method of research is with pharmacological agents to try and bring about an NDE episode, but, so far, it appears to be that laboratory conditions are not upto par with the Divine and these NDE's appear to be just that, divine in nature. There are four levels near death or other worldly imagery that can almost be interpreted as if Divinely inspired. Survivors may appear to think that they saw a lot but what they saw is only a small part of the big picture that they are able to see.

The stages that one has to go through during a near death experience are as follows:

1. All sensation stops. The last thing to go is your hearing. Your heart stops. There is no vital signs, you go limp and then you are dead.

2. You may find out that you are looking at your body while in a corner of the ceiling. Now you are aware that you cannot be heard by others but you can hear them. At this point you realize as well that you are looking at a figure on the bed or floor, where ever it is that you were prior to death, and then you realize that you are looking at your own body. You feel no sadness at your predicament.

3. At one point now you are aware of a vortex or tunnel as it is commonly known and at the end of that tunnel there is a pin head of light.

4. Now you start to either cross the tunnel/vortex or see the light and you may be met by someone that you know or someone sent to cross you and comfort you. At this point you are told to go back but you resist, it's the love you feel that makes you want to stay, you are aware that the light is all love and acceptance for you. This energy that we call the Divine is aware of you and you are amazed that it knows you just as if it gave birth to you. After a while you return and you are never the same.

Survivors of an NDE come back with traits that weren't part of their persona before this experience and they are as follows:

1. Psychic ability, clairvoyancy, sensitivity to energies, disturbances in electricity when they go near radios, tv's, abilities to heal others, etc.

2. Visions and imagery of a vortex can be a normal occurrence in their daily lives after the NDE. There is a knowledge that every thing has life in it, yes, even that old fur coat and the list goes on for some of them.

NDE's are all equal in their importance.NDE'rs have many different scenarios for each experience is different but the message they all come back with is the same, love of the most pure kind and acceptance unconditionally. They have been left with a feeling of total acceptance and love by that light energy representing the Divine. We are so surprised after we die and find out that there is life after life and that is because it's hard to fathom that we are truly beings of light/energy/spirit and that the body of matter can be shed at any time and we will continue our journey after death regardless of no physical embodiment. We are third dimensional beings when we reside in the realm of matter and yet, when we have made our crossings we become multidimensional beings. After death the notion of time and space are gone, We are pure thought/energy and we don't have a thing resembling our embodiment of matter, we don't need eyes, we can see 360 degrees with no eyes. It's hard for us to grasp the concept that there is life after life, life in other planets, parallel universes and such. The reason for this is that ego plays a part. We have been lead to believe we are unique and the only inhabitants of this vast universe. In one aspect we are unique because of the fact that our DNA imprint is unique but that is where it ends. The Source that is the Divine created many things, places and species and in our arrogance we believed this lie that they, the people running temples have told us. God is neither our mother, father nor benefactor, we are co-creators with the Source. The Source that is the Divine is not human, it does not have a face, eyes, or any part that resembles humaness. We were created in Its image not in the sense of our physical appearance but with respect to the power of our souls and wondrous thing that is our minds. The source IS, and I type that in capitals to signify the magnitude of this. The source knows of no time or place yet It's in everything and It's not outside of ourselves but rather It's in dwelling and that is why we are all connected. It accepts us for who and what we are, there are no conditions to this fact. Its love is unconditional. All of these is good and comforting to know as well that we never die and we go on for ever and ever and that when we die, rather than being punished we will be embraced for who we are and loved unconditionally!

~*~ SilverMoon ~*~

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