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Love Is A Many Splendid Thing By Silvermoon

This was just an ordinary day, no different from other days. I had to get ready to go to the bank and quickly, the bank would be closed in one hour, at least I already had my shower and was dressed but for some reason I was holding back and kept on staying in the house. I decided to go to my next door neighbor's suite and knock on their door to offer them if they needed anything from the mall, they are in their eighties and this is the least I can do for them. As I was knocking I started to feel strange all over and realized that I was having an angina attack, I reached into my slacks' pocket and realized with horror that my nitro pills were not there. As I am knocking, now in a frantic call for help a huge surge of pain over took me. I can see a body just lying there on the floor and I thought that to be a strange thing, even stranger is the fact that I'm now in a corner of the ceiling looking down at this body, I can see right through this body, I mean I can see life in every thing, even the doors and floor. No sooner am I now marvelling at this scene, when to my right side I see a bluish-grey glow and I am hesitant and don't know whether to go to the glow or stay where I am now. Soon enough I find myself talking to this hooded silhouette that tells me my time is not here yet and tells me that I've a mission to fulfill that was chosen by me prior to birth, I just listen to this and I'm thinking where am I and if I'm imagining all of these. As I'm there I sense the most wonderful kind of love, complete acceptance of myself by this entity and finally the entity says that I have to go back and I feel right there and then anger, I don't want to go back! I want to stay here with the entity, I need this kind of love for myself, I wish I could give this kind of love to all people. The entity says to me to look at the body lying on the floor and tells me once more to go back, I feel such sorrow at having to do so, I feel that this is great, love and warmth, but when I really notice and realize that is my flesh body I go back and now I find myself once more in control of my senses and I start yelling for help and after about ten minutes I see help coming in the shape of the other neighbors that live in the suite opposite to the side of the floor I live in. They help me back and I refuse the offer to call an ambulance, I must be alright now if I'm alive. My son has now come back luckily and I can see the look of panic in his eyes. I tell him I'm okay and to just give me some chicken soup. Now I'm starting to realize, not fully yet though, that something out of the ordinary has happened. After the days pass I come to the full realization of the enormity of the experience, I can see life in all things, doors, even the coat I wear, everything! and the message I got out of this experience? I realize now that love is everything and everything is love, not the lust kind but unconditional and acceptance of others as they are. Life is in all things, even the clothes you wear, so respect even the ground you walk on for, it was created by the Supreme Architect with love for us and to give us pleasure.

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