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Let Your Healing Light Be With My Loved One
A Prayer By SilverMoon

I ask that the Cosmic Vibrational Energy You send through us, to enter my loved one's vibration and energy. Allow for healing and harmony to be present in this dense realm. I ask for this healing to take place without this interfering with my loved one's journey or what my loved one chose prior to his incarnation into this realm. Cosmic Birthir I ask You allow me to accept that Your Will is mighty. I know and acknowledge that the vibrations of illness are teachers as well. The laws You have set in motion are constant and all wise and in the grander scheme of things illness can play a part. Should Your Will be that no healing takes place, I ask for acceptance of Your Will in my mind and in my soul and let me not turn against You, for sorrow is a great teacher, it allows us to comprehend with limited understanding how small and unknowing we are. Tears are pearls of wisdom and we must be grateful for that and tears give us a glimpse as to just how Powerful and All Knowing You are. May it be Your Will, so be it.

April 2000

The Painting:
The painting is James C. Behlen, Jr. and used with his permission.