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These pages are about death, the grief process and healing from the grief process. Undergoing the grief process is not an easy thing to do but after a while, after all the suffering and sorrow, you will notice that the pain you have suffered will ease quite a bit and in place of the person you were, a new person will manifest, just like a butterfly, a new you is born. Letting go of our loved ones that have completed their incarnation on this journey we call life is not an easy thing to do but...I want to tell you about a place I know of...It's a place of beauty and peace. It's a place where pain and sorrow are a non reality. It's a place where free will and unconditional love are very real and you are allowed and you feel accepted and loved just because you are you, no condition or reason attached to the love, it's home. It's a place of harmony and majesty. It's a place in which there is a vast garden and the rose still grows and you can smell its scent for miles around and the rose still grows on the other side of the wall and it goes on for ever. It's a place where our loved ones await our return and we will know them by the love we felt for them. It's a place where our loyal and beloved pets reside and await our return and when we cross over we will see the familiar wagging tail and they will know us by love and vibration and all will be harmony and peace. And I want to tell you that my husband died...There is no grave to go to....No where to go and cry...His body may be dead but he never really died...He now resides in a place where all our loved ones go when this journey we call life in the phisical embodiment is completed...And this place I speak of is the place I like to call...The Other Side Of Life.

~ SilverMoon ~

Art Danny Hahlbohm, used with permission. Painting entitled Trinity

Midi is MY SWEET LOVE 2000, Bruce DeBoer and used with permission