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The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side By Silvermoon

I remember one of the first time I had an experience that we call paranormal, was again in a dream. I saw myself in front of this house. It looked just very ordinary, big on the outside but not anything that you would call, spooky or frightening, on the contrary. In the dream I was standing in there and I saw a mountain and out of the belly of that mountain hundreds of people started coming out. I then entered the house together with these people and I saw that it was such a big house inside that there were hundreds and hundreds of rooms to it and made of marble, pillars of marble, and inside each room there were people dressed in this sheer material, much like gause but very silky and very sheer and the colors of it very pastel, and I did noticed that people were transparent from the waist down and all these people would do was wave at me but they didn't say a word, rather I could see in my mind the words they were saying to me and they were sitting in this room on what looked to be like velvet covered chairs and the tables where they had a glass resting on, was marble, I mean you could see it, it was marble, that I knew just by looking at it! oh what a sight that was, I didn't know what to do or say as no one was speaking to me but rather just waiving to me. I entered another one of these rooms and sitting there was my maternal grandmother, smiling and looking very healthy, what a shock! I just smiled back and waved too. She motioned for me to come close and didn't speak but rather I could see the words she was saying in my mind, She told me to touch the table and it was marble as I said, and the most smooth ever. She told me to continue and I waived goodbye to her. I continued till I got to a door and that door led outside, I stepped through the threshold of that door and I encountered the most beautiful garden I've ever seen. I mean the roses were almost alive and the petals were pure velvet because I don't have a point of reference here for a comparison, and the the scent of those roses was nothing like the roses we might smell at any time here. I came to a river, and the water looked like crystal, next thing, I looked and noticed the grass, the color of that grass was unreal, a green that is so vibrant that it almost made me cry and the feel of that grass was like nothing I may encounter on a golf course, that looked and felt like nothing I've seen before. Unfortunately I woke up and I will never forget all I saw and that took away for me the fear of death for ever, I will never be afraid to die.

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