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How Much Is This Worth? By Silvermoon

Question...If you wouldn't strike a deal with the Devil, (if you believe in one) Then how can you think you can strike a bargain with the Divine? And what price do you put on knowledge or talent or any gifts freely given to you by the Divine?

The laws that the Cosmic Birthir put in motion are not subject to change. Those laws are constant, there isn't a law maker that will amend any of those. When eyes are opened and hearts have received the love that comes with the power of the spirit, when our minds have had revelations of spirit truths, if after that we still fail in service the greater the punishment that comes to us, we have done what ever it is we have done in full knowledge and not in ignorance. There are many people that are gifted with the gifts of the Cosmic Birthir and they have sold their gifts for a few dollars more. That is wrong to sell your gifts. Those gifts were given for the purpose of service to the rest of the people of the world of matter, and the gifted must be humble and with humble hearts dedicate to the service to people of the world of matter, we must be of service to any that requires our help. I've seen those with the sight on television, I am talking about the famous psychics and mediums that are the masters of our days and it's amazing what they do and they charge exorbitant prices for their services. The idea is that we do this service for just that, the love of service and not for a few physical pennies. It is true that time is energy and energy is money, but if you abuse that which was given to you as a means of being of service to the people of matter, then you will see your gift evaporate, dissolve into nothingness. Now, we have the other law breakers, the people that speak their religious dogma from a pulpit and twist the laws of the Cosmic Birthir, they will have to one day undo all the damage that they've done. None escapes the law, particularly, the ones that have heard the voice of spirit. If they fail, it is worse for them than those that have not heard. We are all part of the Cosmic Birthir, we must all learn in the world of matter, that cheating the law is asking for trouble. The law of the Cosmic Birthir operates if the people of matter learn to attune themselves to the law, when people of the world of matter do this, it's then that the law works. If each day people of the world of matter were to say, "I am part of Cosmic Birthir" things would be very different in our world. We, in the world of matter, have destroyed each other through tribulations imposed on others, why? because the ones giving tribulations were acting on behalf of their deities? is it just that they should have burned thousands upon thousands and for what? in the name of their God? where is free will? I ask, where is the unconditional love? In the times ahead, we will see much punishment to our fellow man by that which is termed the Divine Law. Why the tribulations in the world of matter? to advance. This is easy to explain. Say you are a child and you go to school and there you learn new things and then you go home each day with more learning and you tell your family when you get home what it is that you learned in school. Life is school, the university of life, then when we migrate to the Other Side of Life we go home and then when we get home we can tell other entities who reside in spirit about all our experiences while in the realm of matter. We need the learning to advance and evolve in our souls and minds. We come here to learn and to learn properly we have to go thru tribulations in life because it is only thru the the bitter crucible of experience that we learn while we reside in the world of matter. The soul that goes thru the agony of pain, illness, bitterness and sorrow, comes out a greater soul and why? because then that soul understands the suffering of others and thru that understanding can help others and be of service and thru that service express the Cosmic Birthir in a better way. We think that because there are those that reside in the World of Spirit they know all there is to know, not so, we advance by experiencing in the flesh, that is how we learn. And it harm none, do what you will, what does this mean? well, first off, you shall not harm yourself, and if you don't harm yourself, you then learn how to love yourself and others, do unto others. So, next time you are thinking of over charging others for your services or hurting another for what ever reason it may be, think hard before you do that, for the Law of the Cosmic Birthir is one and is not subject to negotiation.

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