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Dictations From Beyond By Silvermoon

What do dictations from beyond refer to or for that matter mean? It's simply a few words that depict the World of Spirit's attempt to impart teachings to entities residing in the world of matter. The quality of these dictations from the World of Spirit, is solely dependent upon the Masters to us in the world of matter via a facilitator who has the ability to do certain things, such as:

For deep trance to take place, the facilitator will usually spend some time in meditation, and let it happen by allowing a spirit teacher/guide to come through him/her and take over the consciousness of the facilitator. Invasive? well, the facilitator allows this to happen due to the importance of the messages and/or teaching so then it's not longer invasive, so long as the facilitator has given his/her consent for the teacher/guide. Spirit feels limited not only by our vocabulary but by the state of the soul's evolution, because that limits the amount of his/her self that spirit is able to express. They can usually get through, not the words but the totality of their thoughts. Spirit will know exactly where to look in the facilitator's brain for the words. In the beginning, this not an easy task, due to the fact that when in the first stages of communication, spirit will look for a certain word and that immediately will release another that is linked to it. Usually this type of communication is very interesting as it explains things that otherwise appear complicated. Spirit will simplify complicated dogma and make it into words that even a child can understand, but most of the time in the world of matter dogma is made to be and sound complicated due to ego, there are those that like to say a phrase that is written in a book and then they will solve that puzzle and say, "see how clever I am! I have solved the riddle" when spirit speaks it's always without the ego factor that we as entities of the flesh unfortunately must have in order for self esteem to work appropriately, yes, we like to hear others say just how fantastic we are, that feeds ego and that leads to nowhere, the only thing that changes when we move to the World of Spirit, is that we no longer have that problem, ego is dropped and the rest of our true self remains more or less intact. In the World of Spirit we no longer are competing with the Smiths, over there we work in tandem, like a well organized football team. If we want either one of these two methods of communication, we must drop that ego first and only do it for the service that will be provide the world of matter with.

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