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Death And Dying

Perhaps the most difficult part of death and dying are the fact that you are leaving the mortal body behind, which is what houses the the soul, spirit and your spiritual body. At the time of death, the spiritual body will house the fragment of your soul that had the previous incarnation and your spirit as well. The process of dying is as natural as birth and what we fear most about it is that we don't know or are not really sure as to life after life. I've had many ADC's which are simply after death communications, and those amongst other things confirm to me the fact that we don't die, as for example, have you ever been overwhelmed by grief and all of a sudden out of the blue, in comes something that reminds you of your departed loved one? let me explain. One day I decided to go for coffee to the mall and I sat at the usual table I sat at the mall with my departed loved one, I started feeling deep sadness and grief all over again and a sense of hopelessness that was overwhelming. I decided to go home. As I am standing at the cross walk, a great big rig with the logo of the company that my loved one worked for happened to be going by and that made me smile because I remember that a few months before he moved into the world of spirit he saw the same thing at the same cross walk and he commented to me that if he ever died he was going to make sure I see one, so as to let me know that he's still around. Dying is not hard for the dying person, but rather the living person. We cry and feel anguish, we feel deep anger, it could be at the attending physician or any other person, including ourselves, it is a natural thing for us to feel this way. I feel anger at myself, I remember on the day he took ill we didn't go to the mall, I said to him that it was too hot outside and that we could go maybe on another day, I have thought about the fact that I told him we could go another day and when I think of the fact that there will never be another day, that is when I get overwhelmed by grief, I think to myself, why didn't I go to the mall with him that day? I anguish at that fact. For the dying person death is a natural process, you are going home!! that is home. Having a body is not natural, rather, a handicap, but the powers that be created a body so we could advance and learn in the flesh, I compare this to going to school, and how so? you may be asking, well, we come to the world of matter and have experiences, be it good ones or bad ones, that enrich our souls with learnings we need in this incarnation into the realm of the flesh. When we go back to the world of spirit, we can as well share this knowledge with spirit entities that have not had an incarnation. We learn even on the other side of life. The world of spirit is much like our own world, with everything you may find here, yes, even houses, and activities and singing and laughing, we don't loose any of the things we used to do here in the realm of flesh, which is our world. If we are afflicted with addictions, we take those with us. The evolution of the human soul happens through the learning process and even when we think we are wise enough that we are not going to have another incarnation on earth, we have another one, we never stop this process. When you feel grief, it's just a healing process that we must under go so that we can function again and be productive and it's different for all of us, some people need just a year while others need more than that, and the sooner we start the process the sooner we will heal and be part of society, but don't let anyone tell you how long you have to heal in, it's different for us all, some people take one year while others take two years or more and then there are those that never recover from the grief process. Walk the road to healing from grief very carefully and don't let any tell you how to behave or how to feel about life. Thoughts of terminating your life are normal, we cry and anguish for the lack of the presence of our loved one, but in all, we are crying for us, for we have been deprived of the physical presence of our loved one, we can't touch them or go with them for a stroll thru a park or anything of that nature, now, there is no more physical contact, just spirit contact and even though we should feel happy for that, it is never the same as the physical contact through a smile or a hug, but in all, we learn to live and laugh again.

Madrigal Moonchild

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