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A Poem By SilverMoon

The Image You See Here Is Used With Permission Of Corey Wolfe, Please Don't Borrow It. You Can Visit Corey Wolfe's Website By Clicking Here. Thank You!

A poem is a song with no music, a morning light song, a sunset, it's a song that speaks from the soul.

It's the soul's righteous form of display. it's the call of a wife when her mate has gone by, it's inspiration divine in times of distress.

A poem, sublime manner of speech, and yet, heart felt emotions at large, outrageous words we put on display.

A song is a song, but by now, a poem is music as well, acapella you sing, poetry divine, diversity of tone in your heart, versatility at large, a mirror into the soul.

It's but a few words you thought of just now, a jig from the heart, harangue from the mouth, metaphoric speech, poetry divine, and it sets your soul free in this your life time.

~*~ SilverMoon ~*~

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