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Offerings By Silvermoon

If you are in the dark, here is my light, I've got more than enought power for the both of us.

If you are fearful, here is my hand and it will give you confidence and this walk through the highway of life is easier.

If you are troubled, here are my shoulders and you give me your burdens and that will make you feel lighter.

If you are weak, take the strength of my soul and that will give you the courage I feel.

I want you to know that in the laughter I'm with you and I'm also with you in the tears, so if you need a shoulder to cry on I'm also here.

Don't be fearful, I already took that one for the both of us, it's better to share your burdens than to suffer them alone.

And finally know that you have a friend for life just because our paths crossed the same roads through the highway of life.

~*~ SilverMoon ~*~

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