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One Shots and Completed Multi-Parters

1. The Corsage of Courage
Completed in October '00, this was my first Digimon fic. I'd seen around, oh, say three episodes of 01, so Tai and Sora were terribly OOC. And for the record, I haven't been a Taisora fan in I can't remember when.
Rating: G; Genre: Romance; Pairing: Taisora

2. To Be Sincere and Kind
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

My second Digimon fic and first Kenmiya. I was in a giddy Kenmiya haze while writing this, thus each chapter was written in one four-hour sitting and it currently doesn't resemble my original idea at ALL.
Rating: G; Genre: Romance/Friendship; Pairing: Kenmiya

3. Geometry
In retrospect, I should have called this fic 'Trigonometry.' Tai and Kari have a chat about love triangles.
Rating: G; Genre: General; Pairings: Yamasora/Taisora, Takehika/Daihika, one line mentions Kenmiya/Koumiya

4. Pilgrim's Kiss
I no longer have any sort of idea what possessed me to write this. I do know, however, that when this fic was first released on Fanfiction.net it annoyed me to no end that it had 2 reviews and was on 7 favorites lists. I hate not knowing who's got my fics on their lists and I only had two leads. Grrr.
Rating: G; Genre: Romance/Angst; Pairing: Kenmiya

5. Snap.
I am of the opinion that if wedding rings were a custom in Japan (I honestly don't think they are, but they give me fic ideas all the time, so I use 'em anyway.) Ken would have a problem with it.
Rating: G; Genre: Angst; Pairing: Kenmiya

6. Happiness
It's kind of repetative, but I don't care because I love Ken and I love his mom. The entire Ichijouji family rules, except for Ken's dad. He's a dope.
Rating: G; Genre: Sap; Pairing: Kenmiya thrown in for the hell of it

7. Overwhelmed
General fic about Ken's feelings. He's bit scared, you see. I added half a page of Kenmiya-ness because without it, the fic would be way too short.
Rating: G; Genre: Angst/Romance; Pairing: Kenmiya, again thrown in for the hell of it

8. Reaction Time
I originally had a better name for this fic, but I forgot what it was. For the record it's not 'reaction time' as in 'time to react;' it means 'the time something took to react to simulants. Ah, my first brush with Kaimiya.
Rating: PG; Genre: Evilness; Pairing: It's not romantic Kaimiya as much as abusive Kaimiya. (Which is more fun.)

9. Moments Lost
Not-so-funny story behind this one. I wanted to write was a Yolei-gets-amnesia fic, but couldn't decide on a time period. What I really wanted to do was have Yolei and Ken married, but she gets anmesia and doesn't remember his redeption, thus she's got an internal war with her anger at the long-gone Kaiser and her attraction to Ken. But I couldn't think of a way for her to get anmesia, so I threw this together instead. It's crap, pure and simple.
Rating: PG; Genre: General; Pairing: Kenmiya

10. In the Darkness
A maditory Ken/his digimon frienship fic. I love this one, the people at FF.N didn't.
Rating: G; Genre: Paranoid Minomon; Pairing: None, for once.

11. Comparision
As much as I love Daihika, which is almost as much as I love Kenmiya, I've only managed to finish one fic for Goggle Boy the Second and His Girl. To tell the truth, I'm not too fond of it.
Rating: G; Genre: Romance/Friendship; Pairing: Daihika

12. Of Cola, Computers and Love
Repeat after me: 'Spirit Needle kicks all ass.'
Rating: G; Genre: Romance; Pairing: Kenmiya

13. A Special One For You
This fic was a gift, but that's actually not what the title refers to. Yummy Yamasora-ness for Avril!
Rating: G; Genre: Romance; Pairing: Yamasora

14. Habitual Deviations
Once every so often, you'll write something that makes you remember just why you love to be a fanfic author.
Rating: PG-13; Genre: Romance; Pairing: Kenmiya

15. Child's Play
Rating: PG; Genre: Musing; Pairing: None

16. Captive's Release
My first real Kaiyako. I'm terribly proud of this one, I'll have you know. The title was inspired by one of Louis' lines in the movie Interview with the Vampire: "...A release from the pain of living." I just kept remembering Brad Pitt saying that while I wrote the fic.
Rating: PG-13; Genre: Action/Adventure/Romance/Kaiser-torture; Pairing: Kaiyako

17. A Cold and Wet December Day
Friendship. Oodles of stuff going on in this one. I also like to think that I invented 'strip soccer,' but you really never can tell.
Rating: G; Genre: Friendship; Pairings: None

18. Perfection
This fic actually has roots in an earlier fic of mine entitled Nobody's Perfect which was a Gundam Wing fic in which Heero Yuy laments his title of 'the Perfect Soldier.' Ever since I was introduced to the character of Ken Ichijouji, a boy who believed himself to be the closest thing humanity will ever get to perfection, I wanted to write a fic with the reformed Ken holding the same attitude as Heero: No one is perfect.
Rating: PG; Genre: General; Pairings: None

19. Destination
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five

Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
This was my second response to Episode 50, the first being Generations, though this is to the actual outcome rather than rumors. Mainly, I was sick of all the complaints about the outcome of the show, so I decided to write a fic about the time in-between the fight with BelialVamdemon and the epilouge. To my knowledge, mine was the first on FF.N, though the others that have been popping up are much better. (Next time you go there, check out 'A Future Story' and 'It All Happened One Summer.')
Rating: PG; Genre: Pointless Wandering Crap; Pairings: Kenmiya, Daicath, Yamasora, Takehika. Word of warning, one of those couples does brake up, you should be able to guess who.
Here's something my friend aka Vertigo made for me after she read Chapter 7. Sugoi, ne?

20. Mho-Man-Tie
Terriermon is my favorite Tamers Digimon. He's so cute and sweet! He rules! In the ficcie, he runs into Rika (I like the dub names, and when I know nothing about the Japanese version, those are the names I use.), he gives her some advice that she probably won't take.
Rating: G; Genre: Who can even tell?; Pairings: None.

21. Case Study
I actually started writing this for a Kaiyako contest before realising that it didn't follow two of the requirements. (The Kaiser was defeated and it doesn't change to Kenyako or Kaikai.) I kept writing it because it was damn cool anyway, and I hadn't written anything since Sep. 5 and I was feeling kind of guilty about it. Oh well. It reaks of Kaiyako and I can definately see someone seeing Daikai, Daiyako or Daikeru in here as well. That's really up to interpretation.
Rating: R; Genre: Freaky!; Pairings: Kaiyako, Daiwhoever.

Multi-Parters yet to be Completed

1. Digimon: Conquest
Prologue: The Genesis of Evil
Part One: Introduction to the Chosen Children

This one's my baby. ^_^ It's a role reversal that I worked on on and off for months before typing up the prologue and releasing it, thus obligating myself to finishing it. If I don't net-publish each part of a multi-chaptered fic as I go, I'll never complete it. Anywho, this fic features Ken Ichijouji as leader of the Chosen Children, Daisuke Motomiya as the mislead Digimon Kaiser, Miyako Inoue as a girl plagued by Darkness, Hikari Yagami with a secret love, Iori Hida as a boy scarred by the Darkness and Takeru Takaishi as a curious and valuable member of the team. I switched their roles but left their personalities intact. Things start out similar to the show, but will soon spin out of control.
Rating: PG; Genre: Action/Adventure; Pairings: Ken to Miyako, Hikari to Daisuke, Osamu to Sora, Sora to Yamato, Archnemon to Mummymon. Oodles of one-sided-ness!

Discounted Fics

1. Generations
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

I hate original characters. It doesn't matter who writes them, I dislike them. In early September, I was on a total kick for the kids in this fic, (Hi-chan started in Spanish project I did) and it really looked like I'd finish it. I even drew character sketches for the twins. And if completely loving your characters won't get you to write them, nothing will. So, on September 30, this fic was deleted from FF.N. It will not be continued. For anyone whose curious, the good guys win.

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