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My Seasonal Poetry - Winter

Jack Frost

Jack Frost's winter wonderland is awash in white
Ice cycles are standing sentry all night.
Tiny tornadosturning and twisting the snowflakes,
along with the skiers, snowboarders, and skaters on frozen lakes.
They all think that the season is too short
rushing, running, racing to their snow sports.
Yuletide trappings here, there and everywhere.
caroling persons cruisings about without a care. 'tis quite cold, but you won't hear me whine.
Jack Frost is ruling for fun and with flair.
painting wintry white everywhere as he does dare.
The Solstice sun is setting low in the sky,
over the happy holly and evergreens, heads held high,
above the lovelorn leaveless trees of summer green,
Jack Frost did give them coats of snow, he's not mean.
But they seem to shiver still in the snow
So am I, but Jack, my love, please don't go...
stay a while yet and dance with me more,
for winter is the season I do most adore.

Snow Fairy

"The Snow Fairy is coming, Mommy."
"How do you know?"
"She is coming, Mommy, I saw her from my window."
"Are you sure, sweetheart, that's what it was?"
"Yes Mommy. She'll make it snow, that's what she does.
I told the Gods that I wanted it to snow
So They sent the snow fairy to make it so."
"Look sweetheart, snow is starting to fall,
I see the Gods did grant your wish after all!"

Snowflakes Pepper Down

Snowflakes pepper down from the clouds in the sky.
A frosty breeze swirls around and then blows by.
The ground is hard under its soft cottony blanket of snow.
The grey sky hoovers low overhead with but a pale solar glow.
Every tree wears white, like a bride in her wedding dress.
As icicles hang like sentries all about Winter's fortress.
Old Jack Frost has wooed Mother Nature into postponing the Spring.
So we'll go on listening to the snow fall, instead of the birds sing.

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