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Now here's a side of Zac you don't see everyday!

WE HAVE UPDATED!!!! It's not much... just two new chapters on Claudia.. but it's something right??.. Updates are still pretty much on hold for now... but there will be times like this when we actually get a spare hour or so where we can put up what we've written.. yes, we are still writing, but not as much as what we would like to.. but such is life!

We have been nominated for another Hanson Fiction Award at Horror on Hanson Street's Geek Awards so go check it out and vote for Unforgiveable Sin! Voting starts on the 21st of July! YAY!

Ok, just to let you know.. this page is viewed better in Explorer... not Netscape.. in Netscape the writing goes huge.. so yeah.

Check out this pic of Hanson! You can go to Hanson Hotel to get your own Picture of the Moment. And check out the site to coz it's very cool :c)


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