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"Flying High in the Land of the Sky"

Maintaining a loft of competition pigeons is a fascinating and educational pastime;
a hobby that is wholesome and provides its fancier with hours of enjoyment spent
in his own backyard. It's a diversion from daily work and a hobby that one finds
himself deeply engrossed. Watching the birds respond to love and care is a pleasure
to be had every day. It teaches the hobbyist and creates within him an interest in
genetics, nutrition, weather, mathematics, animal husbandry, physical conditioning,
veterinary medicine, and woodworking. Because of these many facets,
it's a hobby the whole family can not only enjoy but participate in, and a
great opportunity for children to learn about nature and responsibility.

The purebred Racing Homer is strong, intelligent, and capable of flying great
distances to return to its loft. Every Spring, the "Old Birds" are flown in a series
of sportsmanship races of up to 500 miles; with those trained and conditioned
properly flying these distances within the day. Homers are fed a high protein grain
mixture with extra carbohydrates prior to the race much the way a marathon runner
will eat before a race. "Young Birds", the current year's hatch, are rookies who
compete among themselves in a separate race series held in the Fall. Training starts
from the time they leave the nest, with the birds being taught and disciplined to return
and trap into loft upon call, to exercise, and to "home" from gradually increasing
distances. The racing starts at 100 miles and progresses to 300 miles for the youngsters.

There's no greater feeling or personal satisfaction to be obtained than that of raising a
young Homer from an egg, training it to adapt to its loft, developing it into a true
athelete, and watching it return from its first 100 mile race. Becoming a breeder and
handler of Racing Homers is a fun and fascinating pastime... and offers you a rewarding
experience as you form a partnership with one of God's truly amazing creatures.

In this joining of two creatures are the legend of thousands of years of friendship...
one earthbound and looking skyward at the product of his and nature's partnership;
the other airborne, taking wing to complete its instinctive purpose for being.

The Blue Ridge Racing Pigeon Club is always looking for flying members and
its boundaries include all of the western North Carolina counties. Over the years,
successful flyers have resided in Buncombe, Haywood, Henderson, Madison,
Transylvania, and Yancey counties.
If you're interested in learning more, or know of someone who may, please
contact any of the listed club members for additional information.
Club members will explain all of the basics, help you to acquire birds and equipment,
construct suitable housing, and get you "up and flying". Call us!

Interested in learning more about this great hobby?
Click onto the Club Information Links below!

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