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“High in the Land of the Sky”

Located in the heart of the world famous Blue Ridge Mountains and encompassing the mountain counties
of western North Carolina, the Blue Ridge Racing Pigeon Club is an energetic and progressive organization
dedicated and devoted to promoting the thoroughbred Racing Homer and the fellowship among its fanciers.

The dream of conducting the region’s first-ever futurity race was given life just a winter ago,
prompting weeks of planning followed by months of conditioning and training the birds that would fulfill
its destiny. On a cool, sunny day in late October it evolved into reality with the staging of the inaugural
Blue Ridge Challenge Futurity Race. Living up to its promise of excitement and competitiveness,
Challenge honors were hotly contested. The event featured a strong field of birds from 16 states and 2 countries
that were primed for competition and geared for optimum performance.
When all was said and done an entry from the loft of Jim and Mike Morris of Dearborn Heights, Michigan
claimed the championship title and its rewards. We extend our congratulations to this team!

Its successful debut recorded in the history book, the inaugural event is now behind us and with it’s passing
the members of the Blue Ridge Racing Pigeon Club extend deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the breeders
who allowed us the pleasure of putting their birds in the air. This support and trust in us made it all possible.
Building upon that foundation, new dreams have fueled plans of making this event an annual showcase
and evolving it into one of the country’s premier young bird races. Never one to rest,
our club continues to strive for excellence and is dedicated to flying to greater heights!

Announcing The Second Annual
Blue Ridge Challenge Futurity Race


Breeders and flyers from coast to coast are invited to participate in the
Second Annual Blue Ridge Challenge Futurity Race!

The Challenge is one of the country’s more unique futurity events, staged in a racing environment
that features a variety of conditions and terrain that thoroughly test the skills of each and every bird.
Situated in the very heartland of the Blue Ridge Mountains, birds must learn to cope with ever-changing
climatic conditions while exposed to three distinct seasons in one of America’s most dramatic and scenic locations.
The course spans three southern states, transpiring over the flatlands of Georgia, through the foothills of South Carolina,
and finally into the mountains of western North Carolina, a constant ascension of 3000 feet on their
return trips home. All of these factors combined give the birds an added challenge in their quest for superiority!

As with sending birds to any futurity race, one has to wonder what his chances might be and while
there’s no guarantee of what might happen on race day or in the training
leading up to it, please be assured that we will keep the best interests of both you and your birds
in mind every step of the way. We are extremely proud to have an opportunity to work with your birds
and will treat each and every one with utmost care and respect. All of the ten club members participating
as handlers in this event are responsible and competent breeders and flyers and the course
we will employ has a history of producing close finishes with solid returns.

We hope you’ll consider entering our 2002 Challenge Race and will furthermore assist us by passing the
word of this event to others you think may have an interest. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns!

On behalf of our membership, kind regards and best wishes for a great year in the hobby!

The Second Annual
Blue Ridge Challenge Futurity Race


Race Station: Cedar Crossing, GA (Bowen’s No. 8035)
Clocking System: Winding Clocks
Entry Fee: $50.00 Per Bird + Shipping
- No Perch or Handling Fee
- No Bird Limit - Send a Free Back-up with Every Paid Entry
- Entrants May Designate Handlers (See Note Below)
- Birds Not Designated will be Placed on Rotation
- No Local Birds Will Be Flown
- All Birds Will Be Vaccinated For PMV
- Birds Will Be Accepted from February 1 to May 15
- Birds May Be Bought Back Before Race - $ 25.00 Buy-Back
- All Birds Not Bought Back Will Be Auctioned Off on Shipping Night
- Birds Subject to be Flown in Scheduled Club Races for Training

· Designate Early – Handlers Subject to 20-Bird Designation Limit.
Birds Designated after Quotas have been met will go into Rotation.

Handlers and Distances

Bill Morris 235.475
Glenn Kopp 248.410
David Velez 235.553
Daniel King 250.199
Lee Taylor 251.367
Bob Simpson 240.382
Butch Leyson 252.258
Chris Warner 245.458
Tony Trezza 264.039

8500 POINTS Based on 200 Entries75/25 Breeder/Handler Split

First Place 2500 Sixth Place 600
Second Place 1500 Seventh Place 500
Third Place 1000 Eighth Place 400
Fourth Place 800 Ninth Place 300
Fifth Place 700 Tenth Place 200


Send Birds and Payment to:
PO BOX 1133

Please Make Check or Money Order Payable to:

For Additional Information,
Please Contact Any of the Following Flyers by Phone or Email

Tony Trezza 828-689-4613
David Velez 828-684-4508
Butch Leyson 828-683-0574
Bob Simpson 828-274-0181