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Award Winners 1999

German Shepherd Pup In Harness

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The Following Sites Are The Winners Of One Of Our Site Awards For 1999. They All Display Both Great Content And Quality. Please Visit Them When You Get The Chance.

MARCH 1999

Thunder's Award Of Excellence

Alien RPG

This site is filled with information about RPG games.

The Family Voice

An excellent family site with a lot of great information and links.

My Furkid's

Visit Thunder's friends Gunner, Rainey & Cathy!!

Emma's Web Pages

American Staffordshire Breed Info., breed laws, humor & more.

The Rested Dog Inn

If you like Rotties, then this is your site, well put together.

Sopatient's Welcome

A touching Christian & health related personal homepage.

Thunder's Great Site Award

BZ Bee's Cyberpet Adoptions

Adopt your very own cyberpet here!

Against Animal Cruelty

No explaination necessary, this site's title speaks for itself...

APRIL 1999

Thunder's Award Of Excellence

Totsie leonberger

An informative site that deals with the Leonberger dog breed.

WillieGirl's Domain & Ozzie McMutt's HideOUT

Thunder's good friends WillieGirl & Ozzie McMutt

MAY 1999

Thunder's Award Of Excellence

The Art Work of Tinyray

Tinray's excellent & interesting artwork is featured here.

Ann's Art

This site features some fantastic art & great navagation.

SLR's Web

(Commercial) Stacey Rogers Web Design & Graphics Website.

Louisiana Radio

(Commercial) You'll find all Louisiana music all of the time here!

S.O.B. Sand Castle Page

Learn all you wanted to know about sandcastles, pics, info & more

Dana's Site

An excellent site featuring a white German Shepherd

Thunder's Great Site Award

Am Staff and Manchester Terriers of Jumpstart

(Commercial) Learn about this unique breed of dog here at Jumpstart

JUNE 1999

Thunder's Award Of Excellence

Caroline's Site

Caroline's unique & creative personal homepage.

The Air Brush Shoppe

(Commercial) This site shows you various airbrush art & tattoo works.

World Cup '99

This is an excellent site to learn all about World Cup Cricket

Thunder's Great Site Award

The Arden Pages

The eclectic creations of a bored creative genius.

JULY 1999

Thunder's Award Of Excellence

Image Composer Tips and Pictures

A First Class site, excellent information & pictures.

Sho's USFDon's Homepage

A site dedicated to USF Basketball.

Rebec Bassets

(Commercial) Bassets for show, performance events, or just for loving!

Cyber Story

Cyber Story is a web site devoted to the health, happiness and spiritual well being of everyone on this planet.

Cuddlefish Community

Family oriented website which includes chatting, games & more!

ALS Network

Providing a central site for PALS (Person(s) with ALS) to track individual treatment programs and progress.

Professor Hunt's Dog Page

One of the best Service & Therapy dog related sites on the Internet!


Scary Ghost stories & more!

Thunder's Great Site Award

Helena's Homepage

Helena's homepage dealing with travelling, dogs and videofilms.

Joey's Dog House

Personal homepage that features Joey the dog.

Will's Heart Page

This page is a testament to and a celebration of Will's courage and forbearance.


Thunder's Award Of Excellence

Lord Of The Rings Movie News

This site brings together all of the information about the upcoming Lord of the Rings trilogy, offering news, rumors, and discussion about this topic.

The PC Technology Guide

The PC Technology Guide covers the various technologies underlying the PC. s major internal components and peripherals.

Badger.Org, Inc.

(Commercial) A Web design, marketing, and multimedia presentation company site in Flash or HTML, this site offers a online reading room and free gif gallery.

French Guide At About.Com

An ultimate resource for students, teachers, and lovers of the French language. There are grammar lessons, online dictionaries, a French/English chatroom, pen pals, teaching resources, games, and much more.

Rathkamp Matchcover Society

The largest phillumenic organization in North America and the most comprehensive site of its kind in the world: attractive, interactive, informative, interesting, and fun.

Online magazine offering labor market information on a different industry every month.

My Doggie Page

Very good site that features Buddy, a black lab, and Xator,a German Shepherd. It's full of doggie stories, pictures, info, and more!

War & Conflict - Past :: Present :: Future

Learn, explore, interact with and discuss the 'science' of war and conflict - past, present and future.

Thunder's Great Site Award

Frankie's Bibliography of Ancient Egypt

This site offers a list, divided in categories, of books related to Ancient Egypt.

Bose's Flying Cottage

A personal webpage that is well put together. Visitors will have nice time passing through this site.

Greg's Domain

Greg's domain is a personal website that includes interest, hobbies & his best friend, his dog Drizzitt

Aussies by Amanda

This an informational site about the Australian Shepherd dog breed.

The LITE Site

This site features a new style tutorial on HTML, CSS and a bit of JavaScript.

Understanding Human Behavior

This site brings you large amounts of facts and information about human behavior.Fast loading with great info. We were very impressed!!

Willow Creek Angus Ranch

This web site exposes the 98% of the American public who live in urban areas & are not involved with agriculture to life on a Texas cattle ranch.


Thunder's Award Of Excellence

South Bay Municipal Court

(Commercial) This site is well-designed, attractive, informative, has lots of extras, and is fun to look through.

Teenage Health Interactive Network

This site covers teenage health, it includes a massive survey, forums, chat rooms, quizzes, and has massive amounts of content.

Las Vegas Strip History Site

This site has a detailed history of the Las Vegas Strip with a look at the visionaries who took 3 miles of desert road and made it into the street of lights.

The Quest For Glory Plaza

This is a Quest For Glory site that has loads & loads of information about the whole series.


Site contains a complete visitors guide to Mexico. Lots of helpful information, very user friendly, and is in both English & Spanish.


Thunder's Award Of Excellence

German Shepherd Dog Rescue Referral Houston

This site is devoted to helping us place homeless GSD's in loving & permanant homes. Educational, informative, helpful & fun! We would adopt all of them if we could!!!

The Greyhound Guide

The plight of the racing greyhound, this site covers all bases. Attractive layout & design, very easy to navigate through.

The Murphy Nexus

The Murphy family lives life and tells the tale. A very humorous site that will leave you smiling!!

Pure Illusion Arabians and Crossbreeds

All about horses,stallions,mustang mares, evolution, history, dressage and more.

November 1999

Thunder's Award of Excellence

Snow Rogers Elementary School

This excellent K-6 elementary school in Alabama applied for our great site award but our judges felt otherwise, so instead it has been awarded with excellence! Good job guys!

The Puppy Raiser Site

This site dedicated to service dog puppy raising and raisers, with a photo gallery, links and a monthly contest.

Thunder's Great Site Award Winners

A World Below

A underwater photography site with a 'Big Blue Ambience', excellent pictures here, we were very impressed!


The THOUGHT for the DAY serves as "home base" for accessing the individual THOUGHTS, Monday and Wednesday THOUGHTS are normally funny. Tuesday and Thursday THOUGHTS are more serious and contemplative in nature. Friday THOUGHTS are for a FUN Question - usually contemporary in nature.

Gladiol´s Shetland Sheepdogs

This cute little site from Sweden offers information on Shetland Sheepdogs. Also included are photos, history, poetry and post cards. Very nice music to.

December 1999

Thunder's Award of Excellence

Two Dog Press

(Commercial) This is a independent publisher specializing in fun, frisky dog books and gifts. If you love dogs you've come to the right place. In addition to a Two Dog Store, you'll find lots of canine-related resources and diversions -- from dog treat recipes, contests, and articles to an extensive selection of links to other cool dog sites. We were impressed!

My Turn By Robert Paul Reyes

(Commercial) Mr. Reyes is a columnist for the Internet edition of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. His site is fast loading, informative and gets right to the point. Highly recommended!


(Commercial) A small company that features pet funeral services & products. They provide pet caskets, headstones, urns, memorial plaques and remembrance memorials for your best friend.

Night Owl Mk. II

This website features a large section devoted to essays and open discussion/debate on numerous topics of current events and philosophical interest from a skeptical and intellectual viewpoint.


This site has information on Dandie Dinmont Terriers, it includes this breeds origin and history, collectables, and features a gallery with more than 200 pictures.

Motional Memories Classic Cars

This site features the largest collection of high-quality classic car images on the Internet. It's both very impressive and has a very nice design.

Libby's Dog House

This site features a lot of great information about German Shepherds has many great links to rescue and other GSD Sites, webrings, and also includes a photo contest.

Thunder's Great Site Award

Sky & Wolfer's Outdoors WebSite

This site features this families outdoor hobbies that they enjoy doing together. It is both an interesting and educational site.

Congratulations Once Again To All Of Our 1999 Award Winners!! Thank You For Your Great Sites And Helping To Make The Internet A Better Place For All Of Us!!  --The Puppy Place Award Staff

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