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Award Winners 2000

German Shepherd Pup In Harness

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The Following Sites Are The Winners Of One Of Our Site Awards For The Year 2000. They All Display Both Great Content And Quality. Please Visit Them When You Get The Chance.


Thunder's Award Of Excellence

(Commercial) Hannabery HVAC

This attractive & fast loading site has information on heating & cooling but much, much more. The webmaster has also included info. on his top dogs and even has a cat named "Thunder!" Wonder if our Thunder will mind?

Victor Millennium

This is an attractive site that includes some really great puzzles that will drive you crazy, also included are rpg games and astrology info. If you get stuck the webmaster will help you out to!

Twilight's Place

This heart-warming & personal site is a mom's dedication & memorial to her son.

Global Special Operations

A very impressive site that deals with international military elite units information and includes an extensive photo gallery. Great Job Guys!!

Thunder's Great Site Award

No Award Winners For January


Thunder's Award Of Excellence

Everything You Need to Know About the Giant Panda©

This site contains complete research and quality information on the Giant Panda Bear including conservation efforts, habitats, feeding, social, breeding, and giant panda news releases.


A humorous, sarcastic view of how everyone feels like a loserat one point in their life. And of course, how we can laugh at it. Very funny indeed!

This site contains free information to protect women,children and employees against crime. These free techniques will help anyone avoid rape, physical attacks, fire and more.


An excellent collection of web resource links, free fonts, the webs largest font site link collection, font database,a games room, gallery, forums, postcards, quotes, jokes and more...

LIVE, LOVE & LAUGH with Golden Retrievers

This special site celebrates the human-animal bond, and supports the belief that dogs aren't a child's whole life, but that they can make their lives whole. In fact, every service field and humanitarian effort that these gems are responsible for is highlighted.

Thunder's Great Site Award

No Award Winners For February

March 2000

Thunder's Award Of Excellence

No Award Winners For March

Thunder's Great Site Award

No Award Winners For March

APRIL 2000

Thunder's Award Of Excellence

Dandie Online

An excellent well put together site with information and entertainment on Dandie Dinmont Terriers, origin and history, collectables, gallery with more than 200 pictures.


A very informational site about a heart disorder called Mitral Valve Prolapse.

HULA Animal Rescue

This is the home page of the UK (United Kingdom) based home for Unwanted and Lost Animals. A very good cause.

Pet Connections

This well put together website is all about pets. It provides you with things to think about before getting one. Also included are items on pet care, including dog & cat breeds.

Thunder's Great Site Award

Doc Jim's Help Page

This site provides it's visitors with learning opportunities to make money; and to enjoy it when they do without fear of falling victim to ripoff artists.

Animals in Distress

This web site's purpose is to inform as many people as possible of the good works the animal sanctuaries do.

MAY 2000

Thunder's Award Of Excellence

Kiwi's Page

This great site is dedicated to a service dog named "Kiwi". It tells how Kiwi and her ownner got teamed up. It has an In-service comic strip, which the owner drew with her mouth and hands combo. It also contains a Q&A page and much more. Please check it out

Homeland Arabians

This website showcases artwork, horses, and free custom graphics. All graphics were made by the webmaster utilizing a combination of Adobe Photoshop and personal artwork. Good job!

Home Of The BreakfastBrothers

This website about the breakfast brothers and their morning radio show on station Q-96 FM. Great Job Guys!

Thunder's Great Site Award

No Award Winners for May

JUNE 2000

Thunder's Award Of Excellence

No Award Winners For June

Thunder's Great Site Award

No Award Winners For June

JULY 2000

Thunder's Award Of Excellence

K-911 dog Training Resource Page

This site includes dog training information, articles, book reviews, clicker training, links, and more.


This site is by a photographer living in Yugoslavia where he is trying to help children of all nations there, who have lost parents in the war.

This site provides a free financial education service. It also provides beginner investors to avid day traders with technical analysis information on stock market indicators and charts. Great Job!.

Thunder's Great Site Award

No Award Winners For July


Thunder's Award Of Excellence

The John Groves Studio

This site features the artwork of retired Marine John Groves who works mainly to commissions in oil, pastel, pen & ink.

Thunder's Great Site Award

No Award Winners For August

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