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Purpose of the VGP

(The following was taken from the Test Regulations for VDD/GNA)

The versatile hunting dog test (VGP)is a performance test, as opposed to the breed tests "VJP and HZP", which are the natural ability test and fall breed test, respectively. The prime objectives of a VGP are: to elevate those dogs best suited for conservation hunting; to expose these dogs to a wide circle of hunters for the purpose of understanding their conservation value; and, for instruction to the training and handling requirements of such dogs. These are the only reasons for the versatile hunting dog tests. A dog which passes this test shall, if correctly handled and kept in training, perform in a truly versatile manner. This is what it is all about. The basic principle has not changed in time. Therefore, the purposes of the VGP test are:

It must be expected that dogs which have earned a VGP prize I, II, or III and through this have been entered in the Versatile Hunting Dog Record Book of the JGHV (Versatile Hunting Dog Association), have met all of the requirements when properly handled.

This requires that the emphasis during the VGP be placed on the correct training and handling in obedience as well as to practical hunting experience, in addition to the individual category performance.

Only during the VGP, which is considered as the master examination of the hunting dog, shall the complete training of a hunting dog, as necessary for practical hunting, be judged.

At the VGP, only the performance of the dog in the individual sections of the test will be judged. This is different from the requirements of the natural ability tests (VJP and HZP), but does not change the basic purpose. So that we all grant high breeding value to the VGP and consider it as one of our most important breeding tools, the dog which passes is entered into the German Versatile Hunting Dog Record Book (DGStB).

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